Common Ground for Theists and Atheists

Most, if not all of my writing is from a theistic perspective.  I do hope that atheists do not feel excluded, and that instead everyone can feel the love inherent in these posts for everyone, with respect for the diversity of our beliefs.  Moreover, we do have common ground. It is this common ground that I would like to explore here today.

In my experience, atheists have done an excellent job of rejecting a whole lot of terrible ideas about who God is.  So, we actually share a lot of common ground.  For instance, I refuse to believe in a patriarchal god, whom some people call “the man upstairs.”  I do not believe in a judgmental god, nor a vengeful god, nor a god who is exclusive to any single religion.

We do, however, have more common ground than that between theism and atheism.  Let’s explore that common ground with a few questions, if you will.  Please join this quest for commonality either as a spiritual person, who does believe in spirit, or as an atheist, who does not believe in any sort of god as creator, or otherwise.

Do you believe in God?  Whether you answer ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ I would like to ask you a few more questions, seeking a common ground.

Do you believe in consciousness? Have you ever experienced awareness or consciousness within yourself?  Have you ever observed awareness or consciousness outside yourself? I believe we have all experienced consciousness, awareness, or conscious awareness in ourselves, and observed it in others.  I believe we can all agree that consciousness is essential to human life.

And yet, I have to ask:  Can we touch consciousness?  Can we directly see consciousness?  We find that we can neither touch nor directly see consciousness, although we may experience it as well as see the manifestations of it, whether at a brain level or through speech or action.

Do you believe in peace?  Have you ever felt peace inside yourself?  Have you ever experienced peace or peacefulness outside yourself, perhaps in nature or somewhere else?  Do you believe in the importance of peace?  I trust that the majority of humanity values peace, and prefers to feel some sense of peace inside themselves and would prefer to experience peace around themselves in both a physical and a mental sense.

Can we touch peace? Can we directly see peace?  Again, we can neither touch nor see what we call peace, although we definitely value peace, both internally and externally.

Do you believe in love?  Have you ever felt love inside yourself?  Have you ever experienced love from someone else? Do you believe in the importance of love? Do you believe in the power of love?

And yet, can we touch love? Can we directly see love?  With our five senses, it seems that we can neither touch nor see love, although we can feel love and experience the benefits of love.  We can also see manifestations of love such as hugs and sharing and protecting and affirming one another.

So, indeed, we have a lot of common ground for some of the most important spiritual essences of life.  I use the term ‘spiritual’ for consciousness, peace, and love, because these are all intangible yet essential and even revered qualities of life itself.

In the spiritual philosophy that I have come to understand through meditating, reading, and practicing energy healing, I have come to understand consciousness, peace, and love as qualities of the divine.  So, if you have experienced consciousness, peace, and love, then you have experienced what I call ‘God.’  For me, conscious awareness is divine, peace is divine, and love is divine.

Whether or not you call any of these things divine or ‘god’ isn’t essential, but consciousness, love, and peace do matter.  On that, I hope and trust that we have common ground.

May it be so!

Blessings of love and light to you,

Carol “Anandi”

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Trust Karma

We have probably all heard of karma, and funny jokes like “my karma ate your dogma.” We often think of karma as something negative or to be feared.  Many of us may have focused on negative karma, that is, “bad” stuff that happens when we or someone else does something unkind or unjust to others.

Karma, though, is very positive, both when it rewards us, and when it nudges us to take a different direction next time. Granted, those “nudges” might not be so gentle, but that’s conceptually what they are.

In actuality, karma is the universe’s gift to us to guide and keep us on track in life.  As such, karma is a gift.  If we will perceive karma as something positive even when it brings us the gift of suffering, then we can allow karma to teach us our lessons that help us to evolve spiritually.  Yes, suffering is part of our spiritual evolution, and is therefore a gift.

I know, you may be thinking, “Say, what? ‘The gift of suffering’? How is suffering a gift?”

Good question.  Basically, we can understand karma by the saying “as you sow, so shall you reap,” meaning, whenever we put out positivity by our words, actions, thoughts, and intentions, we will sooner or later receive a similar positivity back for our wellbeing. Likewise, when we put out negativity in any form, karma gives us back, sooner or later, similar negativity.  Karma is just the principle of “like begets like,” energetically speaking.

All karma is simply a feedback system about how we are doing on our spiritual path, and about which lessons we have not yet learned, and which lessons we “signed on” to help others achieve in this lifetime. You see, our souls choose our major life lessons before we are born.*  That’s our free will in action, in between lifetimes. Much of our suffering is part of our own plan for working out our karma and growing closer to God, and helping others to do so.

After 22 years of meditating, experience, and study on an Eastern spiritual path, I have finally come to realize that all of our karma, for all of us, is guiding us towards union with Higher Consciousness, Source, God, the Divine, by whatever language you might refer to it (even if what you believe in is love or peace or happiness on this earth plane).

There are several paths of yoga, all designed to help us attain Higher Consciousness or union with God.  In fact, “yoga” as a word in Sanskrit, means “union,” as in “union with God.” One of the paths of yoga is called “karma yoga.”

Karma yoga is the path on which a person seeking God selflessly serves, dedicating their whole life to this selfless service. What enables the devoted soul to attain union is the consciousness that is not they but God in them who acts selflessly.  Not taking credit is an essential aspect of the unconditional love inherent in this selfless service.

I have been aware of this form of yoga since I first learned Raja Yoga Meditation 22 years ago. (I now teach Raja Yoga meditation.)  However, it was only recently that I realized that all karma is designed to empower us sooner or later, in this lifetime or another, to attain union with God.

That is karma’s primary purpose: to empower us to attain union with God. Having this goal, karma therefore potentially serves as our guide to life.  Karma only functions this way, though, when we accept 100% responsibility for everything that comes into our lives.

If we accept responsibility for all the seemingly good and bad things that we experience in life, then we can begin to understand our karma as guiding us towards the positive, life-giving, unconditionally loving, peaceful, blissful state of being in which we become one with God.

When something positive occurs, it is important for us not to take credit for it, but to receive it as a gift from God with humility and gratitude. Even Jesus Christ said, “why do you call me good? No one is good but God alone.”  The most God-realized guru with whom I have ever gotten to have an in-depth conversation said of himself, “I am nothing.” (That was in response to my requesting permission to write his autobiography.)

As humans, we are composed basically of soul, body, ego-mind, and the higher consciousness of our souls/God. Our ego-minds see ourselves as separate from God, but when we understand from our higher consciousness that we are one with God, then we realize that we cannot take credit for anything, for God is the source of all that is good within us.

Karma, then, guides us towards thoughts, choices, actions, speech, and intentions that align us more and more with the truth of our soul, rather than the weakness, selfishness, and unkindness of our ego-mind.  Karma, with love, treats us either as “good and faithful servants,” or as errant children in need of correction.

This is not to say that everything good or bad that happens in our lives is the result of something we did to deserve it. Not at all.

I was widowed at the age of 28 and left with an infant and a toddler to raise by myself. One of the cruelest things that anyone said to me at that time was that they wondered what I had done to deserve that.  Surely, very few people deserve what I went through. It was not until I studied at the Self-Realization Meditation Healing Centre in Somerset, England, that I learned that our souls choose our major life events before we were born. I can easily believe that my soul chose to be widowed and to raise my children by myself, because this karma that I chose has helped me grow closer to God.

So, yes, karma can also be our soul’s choice before we were born. Because our souls are one with God, we can choose what we need in order to become one with, or at least closer to, God.

This is the one true role of karma. So, the next time we feel disappointed with life, or resentful of what’s happening, perhaps we can remember that even that situation is a gift, and give thanks that it is gradually guiding us into all truth, leading us to unconditional love, raising us up into bliss, and healing our souls, once and for all.

If we feel anything less than that, we have not yet learned our karmic lessons! Fortunately, we can trust our karma to keep guiding us until we all fall in love with peace and bliss – and stay there!

If we remember that the Fundamental Nature of Reality is “All Is Well,” (please see the relevant blog post here: Buddha’s two teachings ), then we know that our ultimate reality is the state of being in which “All Is Well.”  In other words, the reality from which we come and to which we will return someday, is the reality that “All Is Well.”  Some of us would call that state of being in which “All Is Well” “God.” One day we will return to union with this state of being in which All Is Well.

So, the ultimate goal of karma is not suffering, but being in the state of being in which “All Is Well,” which occurs when we are one with God.

In the meantime, we live in this world of appearance, or as it is taught in the philosophy of yoga, the world of illusion.  Yes, this world looks and feels real, but it is nonetheless a low-vibration world made up of the creative divine mind, and nothingness.  Yes, the universe is made up of a lot of nothingness: empty space, and God-stuff, which actually is composed of consciousness and energy, which are constantly intertwined. So, the world appears to be something, but behind that mask of appearance is the true reality of God, the actor, and nothingness, the stage on which “reality” appears.

We’re temporarily living in a world of divinely conscious energy dancing through nothingness so that we can experience both the presence and the absence of the divine.  By experiencing both, we are able to evolve back into divine consciousness, divine being, or “God.” Karma is the guidance system which helps us do that.

How do we return to a state of pure wellbeing in which we experience “All Is Well”? We evolve our consciousness from lower vibrations to higher vibrations of love and peace.

What helps us evolve? All our karma helps us evolve. When we receive what we experience as negative karma, then we know that we have done something that is out of alignment with divine grace, and we are putting out negative energy from our thoughts, beliefs, or intentions (often judgments!), or, we have chosen a really hard path so that we can learn to manifest the love, peace and bliss of the state of being in which “All Is Well” even in the most difficult of circumstances.  When in difficult circumstances, the main point is to trust that the divine is working to reinstate us into the energy-consciousness that “All Is Well.”  We have to help ourselves get into that energy by trusting God.

When we are receiving positive karma, we need to do so with an “openness to all and attachment to none,” as I heard someone I know say the other day.  Positive karma can help point us to our path of service, and our path of service leads to the truest of blessings, first for others, then for ourselves.   In serving from that state of being in which we trust that All Is Well, we bring love, joy, and peace through ourselves from God more fully for others.

When received and perceived as the very lessons we need most in life in every given “now,” karma enables us to see the lessons we need to learn to become the presence of love, the presence of peace, as well as the energy of joy and bliss.

When we learn to dance with our karma, we begin ever more surely to dance with God. When we trust our karma, God not only becomes our dancing partner, but God becomes our own inner presence in the world as well.  May your karma become your happy dance!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

* I first learned this lesson while studying at the Self-Realization Meditation Healing Centre in Queen Camel, Somerset, England, UK.

**The featured image comes from the front of my book, Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth, cover illustration by Davonne Flanagan and yin-yang earth image Copyright:

<a href=’’>mnsanthoshkumar / 123RF Stock Photo</a> .

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Healing Your Power of Now

Recently, a new client asked me, “But if we focus on the past, won’t that reduce the power of now?”  What a great question!

I trust you are familiar with Eckhart Tolle’s book, The Power of Now, which has had a tremendous impact on people’s spiritual lives and understanding around the world. From what I understand, although I have not read that particular book, the main concept is that we need to be focused on the present moment, because that is what we have.

The past is a memory, the future is a dream, and the present is a gift, that’s why we call it a present.*  We cannot change the past, and the only way to improve the future is by focusing on who we are being in the present moment, and what we are thinking, believing, and doing right now.  (Although I have read a different book by Tolle, I am not even attempting to paraphrase his writing.)

However, much of the work I do with clients, whether life coaching, energy healing, or hypnotherapy, is focused on healing a person’s inner wounded child.  We all have inner emotional wounds (until we heal them), and many of them stem from childhood.  This means that we have to focus on the past to some extent.

As an energy healer, I have often found emotional trauma, or the resulting painful thoughts from those negative emotional experiences, stored in people’s bodies.  After all, the entire universe is made of consciousness and energy, intertwined to create all that we see and know.  The first time that I felt or intuited that someone’s emotional pain was stored in their bodies was in the early 2000’s, perhaps 2004 or 2007.

I was offering energy healing at a church women’s conference by beautiful Crystal Lake in Michigan.  A 90-year-old African-American woman from the Detroit area asked for energy healing, and mentioned that she had pain in her right ankle.  Now, if you can imagine what life for this 90-year-old African-American woman would have been like when she was a little girl in the early 1900’s, then perhaps you can imagine what kind of negative, hurtful language she might have heard used to insult her.

When I got to her ankle during the energy healing,** I placed both hands around her ankle.  Almost immediately, it came to me intuitively that she had a sister who had said something terribly hurtful to her when they were growing up.

So, I asked the woman, “Do you have a sister?”

She replied, “Yes, I have <some large number like 7> sisters.”

I asked her, “Did one of your sisters once say something really terribly, horribly mean to you when you were growing up?

She answered, “That would be my <whichever one> sister.  She called me a <blank, blank, ugly black pickaninny.”  (I don’t remember the exact quote – it was just too awful.)

Apparently, the energy of that insult was still stored in this woman’s ankle some 80 years or so later! That insult was apparently now causing pain decades later.  However, an affirmation came to me to share with her, so I told her, “You are a beautiful and beloved daughter of God.” And I believe the energy of that affirmation was sent into her ankle to help heal it.

So many times, I have found such negative energies, negative thoughts and negative beliefs stored in people’s bodies (well, these have been revealed to me – I can’t take credit for this!).

If these negative energies stay in our bodies for so long, what energy do they bring to our “power of now”?

In the book The Gospel of Peace of Jesus Christ, Christ gives a healing regimen to a group of men while they are fasting, and he tells them that our sins are stored in our bodies.  Christ explains that one day of fasting in effect “undoes” 7 years of sins.  He gives them additional techniques to rid their bodies of the negative energies of these sins.

So, if our negative emotional experiences, negative thoughts and beliefs, as well as our “sins” are stored in our bodies, what does that do to our “power of now”?  I would suggest that these negative energies that we carry stored in our bodies diminish the positive energy that we can put into the power of now for ourselves and others.

In fact, if people do all the work that I recommend to them including life coaching, energy healing, and affect bridge hypnotherapy, they often get life-changing results.***

One woman got pregnant.  An African-American transgender woman reduced her anxiety without the medications her therapist recommended, got a better job, and, despite some bobbles, her career has stabilized since then.  Another woman has written both an adult novel and a children’s book, and revealed her true nature of being a spiritual person to her friends and co-workers, and now practices a form of energy healing called Reiki.

The power of now increases in a tremendously positive sense when we heal the past that has been stored in our bodies subconsciously and energetically.  When we heal, we raise both our consciousness and our energy to a higher, more positive vibration, and that helps us create a more positive now and a more beautiful future.

May your Now be as beautifully positive as possible!

Love and Light,

Carol (Anandi)

*This is a re-statement of a quote from Bill Keane: “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift.  That’s why it’s called the present.”

**Energy healing is my preferred term. Many people use the term Reiki, and if I use that term for what happens through me, I refer to healing as “Seven Rays Reiki.”

***I find that such dramatic life improvements are more likely if people also study Raja Yoga Meditation and Lightworker training with me, or at least if they already meditate.

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The Desires of God

This morning, it came to me that as we seek to become One with God, we need to understand the Divine Nature that God is asking us to cultivate within ourselves so that we can live as God would like to live on earth through us.  So, it came to me that God is asking us to be the Presence of Pure Love, Pure Giving, Pure Blessing, because that is who God is.  God asks us freely to give, not only because we have freely received (as the Bible says), but also because God freely gives to us because God Loves Us.

How else can God show us that God loves us, except through freely giving?  As it is then, God desires:

  • To Give
  • To Bless
  • To Love
  • To Create
  • To Heal
  • To Lift Up
  • To Empower
  • To Serve
  • To Reveal the Positive
  • To Honor
  • To Protect
  • To Teach (impart wisdom, knowledge, Truth and to call these forth in others)
  • To Give All of Oneself and All that One Has
  • To Live to Bless Others
  • To Raise Every Soul to a Higher Plane
  • To Raise the Vibration of Peace and Harmony on Earth
  • To Be Peace
  • To Be Love
  • To Be Healing
  • To Be Living Water (Reiki)
  • To Be Truth
  • To Be Wisdom
  • To Live Truth
  • To Live as One
  • To Be One

If we embody the Divine in us, then we will also hold these desires above all other desires.  May we grow into imagining, and becoming, communities which embody the Divine together in these ways, as well.

We are to give freely to one another, because in doing so, we are giving to God in one another.  Money interferes with us being the Presence of God blessing the Presence of God in others.  As Christ taught, “You cannot serve God and Wealth.”  As Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, “Money is God’s slave!” Just so, we are to give away that which is God’s to others, to honor God-in-Them.  May it be so!

Love and Light,

Carol (Anandi)


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Saving a Life on the Other Side of the World (Twice!)

At the beginning of July 2018, a young man who has previously been a client of mine here in the Washington, DC area texted me a request to check remotely on a young female friend of his in Indonesia. world map

He was really worried about her because she had stopped responding to his messages on WhatsApp.  He also reported that she had had some really terrible things happening in her life, was severely depressed, and, according to him, has the ability to put herself in a coma by the power of her own mind.

So, we talked.  He said that she had once put herself in a coma for five months, by sheer mind power. He asked me to check on her remotely.  I asked him to send me a photo of her and her name, so I could connect on a soul level. He provided the needed info and photo.

That night, it was quite late when I checked in on her, after praying for both the divine and angelic assistance I rely on for such work. I immediately “saw” her body lying on the floor (in Indonesia, of course).  Her soul was outside her body, looking with distress on her body.

Because her body did not seem to be moving or breathing, I thought she was dead, so I told her soul, “Go to the Light. Go to the Light.”

She anxiously refused, saying, “No, I want to get back in my body.”

So, I told, “Then, please, get back in your body. Get back in your body!” I knew, from previous experiences “working” with people in comas and other out-of-body types of states, that she could not keep her soul out of her body long or she would die.

She replied, “I can’t, because of what I have done to my body.”

I looked at her body to see if I could see anything wrong with it, but I saw no blood and no wounds, so I wondered if she had drugged herself or something, because I still could not see it breathing. Not able to figure out what was wrong with her body, I asked her, “What did you do to your body?”

I don’t remember what she said, but I remember that she said she wanted to get back in her body. So, I answered, “Please get back in your body. Get back in your body.”

I think she again answered that she could not.

Realizing we needed help, I asked the Archangels of the Seven Rays, especially Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, to help her get back in her body. Then, knowing it was the Archangels at work, I “saw” her soul being restored energetically into her body through the top of her head (crown chakra). After her soul was returned into her body, I saw her abdomen commence to breath gently, lightly.

Next, I saw an energetically-dark, brownish gust of energy like a wispy but powerful wind drag her soul away from her body.  I could not make sense of what I saw. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, and I had no idea what to text the young man. There was nothing I felt I could text to reassure him.

I texted him that I did not pick up on anything positive, so there was no charge for the 15 minutes or so that this had taken. He, of course, felt concerned and said he would try to reach her.

The next day, he texted me that she had responded to him and told him she had put herself in a coma again, and that she heard a woman’s voice telling her to get back in her body.

So, I told him what had happened on my end, and since she was alive and her soul is in her body, I decided that the last bit that I saw with the dark energy must have been a very strong warning that I was to give her that she is not to leave her body for any sort of out-of-body experience again or her soul may be whisked away by dark energies. I believe he passed this information onto her.

She wanted to speak with me, so later, I got to speak with her via WhatsApp, which I am so grateful is free, even with me here in Maryland near Washington, DC and her in Indonesia.

She told me about having terrible things happening in her life, her depression and so on, and confirmed that she not only had put herself in a coma for five months through her own thoughts, but also that she had put herself in a coma the night/day before (depending on which side of the world we are on).

I told her what I had done on my end, and what I saw. She told me that while she was in the coma, she had heard a woman’s voice calling her, “Come back in your body! Come back in your body!”

Then she said, “You saved my life.”

I replied, “The Archangels saved your life. I was telling you, ‘Get back in your body, get back in your body.’ I asked the Archangels to help you get back in your body, and I ‘saw’ them do that, so maybe they called you back into your body.”

A week or two later, I was able to provide her a life coaching session, and she agreed to a more spiritual approach to her life for uplifting her experience of life and improving her outlook and potential.  I did hear after that from her that she was able to improve one friendship.

However, about a month after the initial life-saving mission, I received another call or text from the young man who has been a client of mine here, and again he said he was really worried about her and she was not answering.  So, I agreed to “check-in” with her via remote viewing for healing purposes.

That night, I said my usual healing prayers to our Divine Mother/Father, and to the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays, and then sent my consciousness to see what was happening with this young woman in Indonesia. (I live in the Washington, DC area, in Maryland.) I became aware that her soul was out of her body again, and that she did not want to go back in her body this time.  That seemed problematic! (Anyone whose soul remains out of their body for an extended time may lose the ability to return, and their body is likely to perish.) She seemed to be asleep somehow at the time, possibly in her bed.

So, I talked with her about getting back into her body again.  She really did not want to. Lying there on her bed, her body looked so young, innocent, sweet, vulnerable, precious, and child-like, that I asked her, “Look: who is going to love her? You need to love her as though she is your own daughter, because otherwise, how else is she going to be loved? You can’t depend on anyone else to love her – you need to love her!”

That seemed to release in her a desire to love herself, as she was observing herself from her soul’s perspective outside her body.  She restored her soul into her body, and lay there sleeping.

With an intention of helping her feel loved, protected, and cared for, I sent my etheric body to be with her (or maybe it was the Divine Mother through me), and like a mother, I held her in my arms, rocking her and singing lullabies to her, to make her feel as loved and protected and blessed as I could. Then I left her presence.

I let the young man know what I had done, and the next day, when he heard from her, he let me know that she was okay.  She apparently had, again, tried to kill herself with her mind.

Today, several days later, I spoke with her, and she said, “He told me you saved my life again!” She confirmed that she had been sleeping and had wanted to be dead, and dreamed of jumping into a big wave (in order to drown). She also dreamed that her deceased mother warned her not to jump in the big wave, or they would not be able to see each other in heaven.  I find it interesting that she was sleeping, as I picked up on, though desiring to die, which I also picked up on, and that I took on the identity of mother, which was also the one who saved her in her dream.

This Universe is amazing, special, and full of Love. You are amazing, special, and deeply loved.  We are all part of that universal love, peace, and joy, and can experience that whenever we stand out of the way.

May Love and Light save us all and make us Whole and Restore Us to Being One!

Carol “Anandi”

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Immigration, Chakras, and Christ: An Interfaith View of What They Have in Common


How do we look at the issues of immigration, refugees, and religion from a perspective that honors interfaith spirituality, while not taking sides with any single religion?  We have every reason to consider these issues from a moral and spiritual perspective in this year when the world refugee population has hovered around 65 million people.

Moreover, the government of the United States

12033901 - yin and yang symbol and globe or earth.

Copyright : mnsanthoshkumar, – yin and yang symbol and earth.

of America has recently shocked many US citizens, and I trust, the rest of the Americas and much of the world, with its treatment of immigrants, especially the forced separation of children from their parents, but also, more recently, with the Supreme Court ruling upholding Trump’s ban on human beings entering the US from predominantly Muslim countries.

Above, I kept emphasizing the words ‘people’ and ‘human beings,’ hoping that we will remember that we are all human, and therefore all equal.  In particular, an interfaith, universalist spirituality generally views all human beings as souls who come from God, and who return to God. In this understanding, we are all equal: equal in the eyes of God; equal in the eyes of the law; equal with regard to human rights; freedom; and democratic governance; and of equal worth and value in terms of having the same right to be treated fairly, respectfully, and with dignity.

I would like to invite us to look at the issues of immigration and refugees from the perspective of the yoga philosophy of the chakra system of the body, and also from the perspective of the words, life, and ministry of Jesus Christ, which are so very different from what many purported ‘Christians’ are representing as ‘Christianity’ today in the USA.

First, a personal note: at age one-and-a-half, I myself was a refugee.  I was born on the equator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo way back when it was the Belgian Congo. During Congo independence, we lived in the southern region of the Katanga Province. Because the Katanga Province is rich with minerals, it tried to secede after Congo independence, and so there was the threat of violence.

My mother had to evacuate my older sister, brother, and I as refugees into what is now Zambia. My father, who stayed in the Congo, was warned when there would be shooting at night, and told to hide under his bed; that’s how he survived. I am super grateful to the country of Zambia for possibly saving our lives. I now ask all humans in all nations of the world to commit ourselves to saving the lives of refugees, especially those fleeing violence, around the world.

Jesus Christ was also a refugee as an infant. After his birth, King Herod heard of the birth of the ‘king of the Jews,’ and sought to kill all infant boys, so Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to Egypt to raise him in safety.  As an adult, Christ constantly spoke of the importance of feeding the poor, and did it. He constantly spoke of serving, healing, and blessing others, and did it. Jesus Christ said, “as you do it unto the least of these my brothers and sisters, you do it unto me.”

Surely, refugees and immigrant children are among the ‘least of these’ in the eyes of the world.  If Trump’s policies have shown nothing else, surely they have shown that view: immigrants, poor people, and refugees are, for this administration, “the least of these” among human beings. By contrast, Christ’s point was that no one is less than anyone else, so welcome others and show compassion to them.

This form of compassion can be called the embodiment of the Sacred Heart of God.

What does all this have to do with the chakras? As I point out in my award-winning new book, Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth, our chakra system represents our spiritual, emotional, and cognitive growth, both in this lifetime, and through many lifetimes.  Therefore, our attitudes toward immigrants and refugees reflect our level of development along the chakra system.

The chakras are centers of spiritual energy, including the life force and energies of our souls that keep us alive. The chakras are located along our spines, from the base of our spine to the top of our head.  There are seven chakras: the root or base chakra; the spleen or sacral chakra; the solar plexus chakra; the heart chakra; the throat chakra; the brow chakra or Third Eye; and the crown chakra.

Clearly, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lady Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Paramhansa Yogananda, and other saints reflect the most advanced levels of development in the crown chakra on top of our head.  This is why the halo represents such saints: the halo was apparently something some early Christians had the ability to see, for it is the glow of the intense energy of a saint in the crown chakra.

Because of their complete level of development along the chakra path, the saints and Ascended Masters like Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Lady Kwan Yin, and Paramhansa Yogananda all lived a life of compassion, service, and unconditional love for all human beings, especially the poor and vulnerable ones.  If alive today, they would be among the first to welcome, feed, clothe, and shelter homeless refugees and immigrants seeking to live and work for a better life for themselves and their families.

Indeed, many saints have embodied the Sacred Heart of God, which may be equated with a fully developed heart chakra. Even regular human beings with a well-developed heart chakra will seek to spread compassion to children, refugees, immigrants, and other vulnerable human beings (and animals, generally, too!).

However, that has not been the response of many of our government officials nor of many Americans.  Many Americans have the response, “We have to take care of our own first.” That attitude represents the fear-based version of our root chakras.

The root chakra is all about our family, creating a family, nurturing a family, and protecting a family.  This attitude can extend from ‘my family,’ to include ‘my team,’ ‘my nation,’ ‘my ethnic group,’ ‘my religion,’ and so on.  When the root chakra sees the world as ‘us vs. them,’ it is fed by the energy of fear, and we then divide the world into families of which our own is the most important one, and many ‘other’ families/teams/nations are to be defended against, fought against or at least competed against. When there is sufficient love in the root chakra, we instead see everyone as belonging to one big family all around the earth, so we seek to love, nurture, and protect everyone and everyone’s children.

As we progress through the chakra system, mostly by adding in more love, but also by energizing the feminine virtues equally with the masculine virtues,* we get to the heart chakra, which is activated through unconditional love. At this level, we may love only our own family members unconditionally.  However, when we are fully activating the heart chakra, we bring that unconditional love, like a saint, a true guru, or a bodhisattva, to love all the world.

We need humanity to love each other more, not less, so that we will all develop along the chakra system to that place where we all love each other unconditionally, rather than fearing each other in some competitive system in which we think someone else will take our jobs or profit off of us at our expense. Our governments need to reflect the values of democracy and interdependence, in which we understand that, especially given the nature of our global connections, we are indeed one big family.

Immigrants and refugees are ultimately a gift to remind humanity that we are One family around the world. May it be so!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

*For more on how we develop through the chakra system, please read Truth and Illusion, winner of the Silver Medal for Religion (Eastern/Western) in the 2018 Independent Book Publisher Awards:

Truth and Illusion on



Truth and Illusion on



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Embracing Immigrants in the Sacred Heart of God

I don’t usually voice political concerns in this blog, but I feel moved to speak about compassion in international relations, especially with regard to the inhumanity of American policies today.  This perspective will be presented from a “Christian” perspective and addressed first to people who profess to follow Christ, or who claim Jesus Christ as “Lord and Savior.”  Always, everyone who does not consider themselves to be Christian is invited to read this blog for the more universal spiritual messages contained within!

hand drawing heart in the sand

Instead of drawing lines in the sand as boundaries, let’s draw hearts that include everyone!                               Photo by Kaboompics .com on

My own work and faith are very universal, however, my original religious training and ordination are as a Protestant Christian, and so, I feel moved to speak out about how some of our American political leaders who claim to be Christians are failing to be faithful to the teachings of Christ in our treatment of immigrants, especially children.  I can only speak to other Christians authentically from a Christ-centered voice, so here, I endeavor to do just that.

Meditation on the Sacred Heart of God:

Sometimes, as Protestants seeking to separate ourselves from the Catholic Church and its teachings, we have thrown out the spiritual baby with the theological bathwater. Yet now, as humanity needs the healing of Oneness in Christ, I invite us to revisit the much-needed spiritual concept of the Sacred Heart.

For surely, on this Father’s Day, we can honor the Sacred Heart of God as the heart of a loving parent. Surely, on this day in history, we can be assured that the very heart of God breaks when nursing babies are taken from their mother’s breast, and when crying toddlers are pulled out of their mother’s loving arms, and when school-aged children are traumatized from being separated from their parents, and when bewildered teenagers may feel abandoned as they are separated from that same heart of God that loved them through their parents.

Most assuredly, on this Lord’s Day, we can remember that Jesus Christ was and is the incarnation of the Sacred Heart of God that embodies the compassion of God for the poor, the lonely, the sick, the outcast, the marginalized, the refugees like Christ himself as a child, and for those who feel abandoned by God as Christ himself momentarily felt abandoned on the cross.

Surely, Christ, as our Savior, asks us, like him, to embody the compassion of this Sacred Heart of God, and not only to feed the hungry, but to tear down walls of injustice, and shred the laws that propagate hatred.  And surely the Sacred Heart of God asks us to love – yes, to love those whom nobody else would love, and to welcome them, no matter what it takes, to welcome them into the loving arms of those of us who profess to follow Christ, that they, too, may be embraced by the Sacred Heart of God.

Today, may we who profess Christ as Lord and Savior, offer our whole selves, our whole lives, and our resources, that the Sacred Heart of God may once again walk upon the earth, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.


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