The Desires of God

This morning, it came to me that as we seek to become One with God, we need to understand the Divine Nature that God is asking us to cultivate within ourselves so that we can live as God would like to live on earth through us.  So, it came to me that God is asking us to be the Presence of Pure Love, Pure Giving, Pure Blessing, because that is who God is.  God asks us freely to give, not only because we have freely received (as the Bible says), but also because God freely gives to us because God Loves Us.

How else can God show us that God loves us, except through freely giving?  As it is then, God desires:

  • To Give
  • To Bless
  • To Love
  • To Create
  • To Heal
  • To Lift Up
  • To Empower
  • To Serve
  • To Reveal the Positive
  • To Honor
  • To Protect
  • To Teach (impart wisdom, knowledge, Truth and to call these forth in others)
  • To Give All of Oneself and All that One Has
  • To Live to Bless Others
  • To Raise Every Soul to a Higher Plane
  • To Raise the Vibration of Peace and Harmony on Earth
  • To Be Peace
  • To Be Love
  • To Be Healing
  • To Be Living Water (Reiki)
  • To Be Truth
  • To Be Wisdom
  • To Live Truth
  • To Live as One
  • To Be One

If we embody the Divine in us, then we will also hold these desires above all other desires.  May we grow into imagining, and becoming, communities which embody the Divine together in these ways, as well.

We are to give freely to one another, because in doing so, we are giving to God in one another.  Money interferes with us being the Presence of God blessing the Presence of God in others.  As Christ taught, “You cannot serve God and Wealth.”  As Paramahansa Yogananda wrote, “Money is God’s slave!” Just so, we are to give away that which is God’s to others, to honor God-in-Them.  May it be so!

Love and Light,

Carol (Anandi)


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Saving a Life on the Other Side of the World (Twice!)

At the beginning of July 2018, a young man who has previously been a client of mine here in the Washington, DC area texted me a request to check remotely on a young female friend of his in Indonesia. world map

He was really worried about her because she had stopped responding to his messages on WhatsApp.  He also reported that she had had some really terrible things happening in her life, was severely depressed, and, according to him, has the ability to put herself in a coma by the power of her own mind.

So, we talked.  He said that she had once put herself in a coma for five months, by sheer mind power. He asked me to check on her remotely.  I asked him to send me a photo of her and her name, so I could connect on a soul level. He provided the needed info and photo.

That night, it was quite late when I checked in on her, after praying for both the divine and angelic assistance I rely on for such work. I immediately “saw” her body lying on the floor (in Indonesia, of course).  Her soul was outside her body, looking with distress on her body.

Because her body did not seem to be moving or breathing, I thought she was dead, so I told her soul, “Go to the Light. Go to the Light.”

She anxiously refused, saying, “No, I want to get back in my body.”

So, I told, “Then, please, get back in your body. Get back in your body!” I knew, from previous experiences “working” with people in comas and other out-of-body types of states, that she could not keep her soul out of her body long or she would die.

She replied, “I can’t, because of what I have done to my body.”

I looked at her body to see if I could see anything wrong with it, but I saw no blood and no wounds, so I wondered if she had drugged herself or something, because I still could not see it breathing. Not able to figure out what was wrong with her body, I asked her, “What did you do to your body?”

I don’t remember what she said, but I remember that she said she wanted to get back in her body. So, I answered, “Please get back in your body. Get back in your body.”

I think she again answered that she could not.

Realizing we needed help, I asked the Archangels of the Seven Rays, especially Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, to help her get back in her body. Then, knowing it was the Archangels at work, I “saw” her soul being restored energetically into her body through the top of her head (crown chakra). After her soul was returned into her body, I saw her abdomen commence to breath gently, lightly.

Next, I saw an energetically-dark, brownish gust of energy like a wispy but powerful wind drag her soul away from her body.  I could not make sense of what I saw. I didn’t know what that meant at the time, and I had no idea what to text the young man. There was nothing I felt I could text to reassure him.

I texted him that I did not pick up on anything positive, so there was no charge for the 15 minutes or so that this had taken. He, of course, felt concerned and said he would try to reach her.

The next day, he texted me that she had responded to him and told him she had put herself in a coma again, and that she heard a woman’s voice telling her to get back in her body.

So, I told him what had happened on my end, and since she was alive and her soul is in her body, I decided that the last bit that I saw with the dark energy must have been a very strong warning that I was to give her that she is not to leave her body for any sort of out-of-body experience again or her soul may be whisked away by dark energies. I believe he passed this information onto her.

She wanted to speak with me, so later, I got to speak with her via WhatsApp, which I am so grateful is free, even with me here in Maryland near Washington, DC and her in Indonesia.

She told me about having terrible things happening in her life, her depression and so on, and confirmed that she not only had put herself in a coma for five months through her own thoughts, but also that she had put herself in a coma the night/day before (depending on which side of the world we are on).

I told her what I had done on my end, and what I saw. She told me that while she was in the coma, she had heard a woman’s voice calling her, “Come back in your body! Come back in your body!”

Then she said, “You saved my life.”

I replied, “The Archangels saved your life. I was telling you, ‘Get back in your body, get back in your body.’ I asked the Archangels to help you get back in your body, and I ‘saw’ them do that, so maybe they called you back into your body.”

A week or two later, I was able to provide her a life coaching session, and she agreed to a more spiritual approach to her life for uplifting her experience of life and improving her outlook and potential.  I did hear after that from her that she was able to improve one friendship.

However, about a month after the initial life-saving mission, I received another call or text from the young man who has been a client of mine here, and again he said he was really worried about her and she was not answering.  So, I agreed to “check-in” with her via remote viewing for healing purposes.

That night, I said my usual healing prayers to our Divine Mother/Father, and to the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays, and then sent my consciousness to see what was happening with this young woman in Indonesia. (I live in the Washington, DC area, in Maryland.) I became aware that her soul was out of her body again, and that she did not want to go back in her body this time.  That seemed problematic! (Anyone whose soul remains out of their body for an extended time may lose the ability to return, and their body is likely to perish.) She seemed to be asleep somehow at the time, possibly in her bed.

So, I talked with her about getting back into her body again.  She really did not want to. Lying there on her bed, her body looked so young, innocent, sweet, vulnerable, precious, and child-like, that I asked her, “Look: who is going to love her? You need to love her as though she is your own daughter, because otherwise, how else is she going to be loved? You can’t depend on anyone else to love her – you need to love her!”

That seemed to release in her a desire to love herself, as she was observing herself from her soul’s perspective outside her body.  She restored her soul into her body, and lay there sleeping.

With an intention of helping her feel loved, protected, and cared for, I sent my etheric body to be with her (or maybe it was the Divine Mother through me), and like a mother, I held her in my arms, rocking her and singing lullabies to her, to make her feel as loved and protected and blessed as I could. Then I left her presence.

I let the young man know what I had done, and the next day, when he heard from her, he let me know that she was okay.  She apparently had, again, tried to kill herself with her mind.

Today, several days later, I spoke with her, and she said, “He told me you saved my life again!” She confirmed that she had been sleeping and had wanted to be dead, and dreamed of jumping into a big wave (in order to drown). She also dreamed that her deceased mother warned her not to jump in the big wave, or they would not be able to see each other in heaven.  I find it interesting that she was sleeping, as I picked up on, though desiring to die, which I also picked up on, and that I took on the identity of mother, which was also the one who saved her in her dream.

This Universe is amazing, special, and full of Love. You are amazing, special, and deeply loved.  We are all part of that universal love, peace, and joy, and can experience that whenever we stand out of the way.

May Love and Light save us all and make us Whole and Restore Us to Being One!

Carol “Anandi”

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Immigration, Chakras, and Christ: An Interfaith View of What They Have in Common


How do we look at the issues of immigration, refugees, and religion from a perspective that honors interfaith spirituality, while not taking sides with any single religion?  We have every reason to consider these issues from a moral and spiritual perspective in this year when the world refugee population has hovered around 65 million people.

Moreover, the government of the United States

12033901 - yin and yang symbol and globe or earth.

Copyright : mnsanthoshkumar, – yin and yang symbol and earth.

of America has recently shocked many US citizens, and I trust, the rest of the Americas and much of the world, with its treatment of immigrants, especially the forced separation of children from their parents, but also, more recently, with the Supreme Court ruling upholding Trump’s ban on human beings entering the US from predominantly Muslim countries.

Above, I kept emphasizing the words ‘people’ and ‘human beings,’ hoping that we will remember that we are all human, and therefore all equal.  In particular, an interfaith, universalist spirituality generally views all human beings as souls who come from God, and who return to God. In this understanding, we are all equal: equal in the eyes of God; equal in the eyes of the law; equal with regard to human rights; freedom; and democratic governance; and of equal worth and value in terms of having the same right to be treated fairly, respectfully, and with dignity.

I would like to invite us to look at the issues of immigration and refugees from the perspective of the yoga philosophy of the chakra system of the body, and also from the perspective of the words, life, and ministry of Jesus Christ, which are so very different from what many purported ‘Christians’ are representing as ‘Christianity’ today in the USA.

First, a personal note: at age one-and-a-half, I myself was a refugee.  I was born on the equator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo way back when it was the Belgian Congo. During Congo independence, we lived in the southern region of the Katanga Province. Because the Katanga Province is rich with minerals, it tried to secede after Congo independence, and so there was the threat of violence.

My mother had to evacuate my older sister, brother, and I as refugees into what is now Zambia. My father, who stayed in the Congo, was warned when there would be shooting at night, and told to hide under his bed; that’s how he survived. I am super grateful to the country of Zambia for possibly saving our lives. I now ask all humans in all nations of the world to commit ourselves to saving the lives of refugees, especially those fleeing violence, around the world.

Jesus Christ was also a refugee as an infant. After his birth, King Herod heard of the birth of the ‘king of the Jews,’ and sought to kill all infant boys, so Mary and Joseph took the baby Jesus to Egypt to raise him in safety.  As an adult, Christ constantly spoke of the importance of feeding the poor, and did it. He constantly spoke of serving, healing, and blessing others, and did it. Jesus Christ said, “as you do it unto the least of these my brothers and sisters, you do it unto me.”

Surely, refugees and immigrant children are among the ‘least of these’ in the eyes of the world.  If Trump’s policies have shown nothing else, surely they have shown that view: immigrants, poor people, and refugees are, for this administration, “the least of these” among human beings. By contrast, Christ’s point was that no one is less than anyone else, so welcome others and show compassion to them.

This form of compassion can be called the embodiment of the Sacred Heart of God.

What does all this have to do with the chakras? As I point out in my award-winning new book, Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth, our chakra system represents our spiritual, emotional, and cognitive growth, both in this lifetime, and through many lifetimes.  Therefore, our attitudes toward immigrants and refugees reflect our level of development along the chakra system.

The chakras are centers of spiritual energy, including the life force and energies of our souls that keep us alive. The chakras are located along our spines, from the base of our spine to the top of our head.  There are seven chakras: the root or base chakra; the spleen or sacral chakra; the solar plexus chakra; the heart chakra; the throat chakra; the brow chakra or Third Eye; and the crown chakra.

Clearly, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lady Kwan Yin, Mother Mary, Paramhansa Yogananda, and other saints reflect the most advanced levels of development in the crown chakra on top of our head.  This is why the halo represents such saints: the halo was apparently something some early Christians had the ability to see, for it is the glow of the intense energy of a saint in the crown chakra.

Because of their complete level of development along the chakra path, the saints and Ascended Masters like Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Lady Kwan Yin, and Paramhansa Yogananda all lived a life of compassion, service, and unconditional love for all human beings, especially the poor and vulnerable ones.  If alive today, they would be among the first to welcome, feed, clothe, and shelter homeless refugees and immigrants seeking to live and work for a better life for themselves and their families.

Indeed, many saints have embodied the Sacred Heart of God, which may be equated with a fully developed heart chakra. Even regular human beings with a well-developed heart chakra will seek to spread compassion to children, refugees, immigrants, and other vulnerable human beings (and animals, generally, too!).

However, that has not been the response of many of our government officials nor of many Americans.  Many Americans have the response, “We have to take care of our own first.” That attitude represents the fear-based version of our root chakras.

The root chakra is all about our family, creating a family, nurturing a family, and protecting a family.  This attitude can extend from ‘my family,’ to include ‘my team,’ ‘my nation,’ ‘my ethnic group,’ ‘my religion,’ and so on.  When the root chakra sees the world as ‘us vs. them,’ it is fed by the energy of fear, and we then divide the world into families of which our own is the most important one, and many ‘other’ families/teams/nations are to be defended against, fought against or at least competed against. When there is sufficient love in the root chakra, we instead see everyone as belonging to one big family all around the earth, so we seek to love, nurture, and protect everyone and everyone’s children.

As we progress through the chakra system, mostly by adding in more love, but also by energizing the feminine virtues equally with the masculine virtues,* we get to the heart chakra, which is activated through unconditional love. At this level, we may love only our own family members unconditionally.  However, when we are fully activating the heart chakra, we bring that unconditional love, like a saint, a true guru, or a bodhisattva, to love all the world.

We need humanity to love each other more, not less, so that we will all develop along the chakra system to that place where we all love each other unconditionally, rather than fearing each other in some competitive system in which we think someone else will take our jobs or profit off of us at our expense. Our governments need to reflect the values of democracy and interdependence, in which we understand that, especially given the nature of our global connections, we are indeed one big family.

Immigrants and refugees are ultimately a gift to remind humanity that we are One family around the world. May it be so!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

*For more on how we develop through the chakra system, please read Truth and Illusion, winner of the Silver Medal for Religion (Eastern/Western) in the 2018 Independent Book Publisher Awards:

Truth and Illusion on



Truth and Illusion on



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Embracing Immigrants in the Sacred Heart of God

I don’t usually voice political concerns in this blog, but I feel moved to speak about compassion in international relations, especially with regard to the inhumanity of American policies today.  This perspective will be presented from a “Christian” perspective and addressed first to people who profess to follow Christ, or who claim Jesus Christ as “Lord and Savior.”  Always, everyone who does not consider themselves to be Christian is invited to read this blog for the more universal spiritual messages contained within!

hand drawing heart in the sand

Instead of drawing lines in the sand as boundaries, let’s draw hearts that include everyone!                               Photo by Kaboompics .com on

My own work and faith are very universal, however, my original religious training and ordination are as a Protestant Christian, and so, I feel moved to speak out about how some of our American political leaders who claim to be Christians are failing to be faithful to the teachings of Christ in our treatment of immigrants, especially children.  I can only speak to other Christians authentically from a Christ-centered voice, so here, I endeavor to do just that.

Meditation on the Sacred Heart of God:

Sometimes, as Protestants seeking to separate ourselves from the Catholic Church and its teachings, we have thrown out the spiritual baby with the theological bathwater. Yet now, as humanity needs the healing of Oneness in Christ, I invite us to revisit the much-needed spiritual concept of the Sacred Heart.

For surely, on this Father’s Day, we can honor the Sacred Heart of God as the heart of a loving parent. Surely, on this day in history, we can be assured that the very heart of God breaks when nursing babies are taken from their mother’s breast, and when crying toddlers are pulled out of their mother’s loving arms, and when school-aged children are traumatized from being separated from their parents, and when bewildered teenagers may feel abandoned as they are separated from that same heart of God that loved them through their parents.

Most assuredly, on this Lord’s Day, we can remember that Jesus Christ was and is the incarnation of the Sacred Heart of God that embodies the compassion of God for the poor, the lonely, the sick, the outcast, the marginalized, the refugees like Christ himself as a child, and for those who feel abandoned by God as Christ himself momentarily felt abandoned on the cross.

Surely, Christ, as our Savior, asks us, like him, to embody the compassion of this Sacred Heart of God, and not only to feed the hungry, but to tear down walls of injustice, and shred the laws that propagate hatred.  And surely the Sacred Heart of God asks us to love – yes, to love those whom nobody else would love, and to welcome them, no matter what it takes, to welcome them into the loving arms of those of us who profess to follow Christ, that they, too, may be embraced by the Sacred Heart of God.

Today, may we who profess Christ as Lord and Savior, offer our whole selves, our whole lives, and our resources, that the Sacred Heart of God may once again walk upon the earth, in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.


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Why Free Will Is Key to the Universe

Free will is a concept discussed around the world.  Western science has led to views with a sense of no separate agency, just a series of events that follow one another like a baLOGOll in an old-fashioned pinball machine, or scientific determinism. Quantum reality seems to have opened up a whole new perspective that may well allow for free will, but, despite raising a particle physicist, I am no expert on quantum mechanics and its relation to metaphysics.

As far as religion’s views on free will, I can perhaps speak best to the views of Christianity, in which I was not only raised, but also academically trained as a minister at Vanderbilt Divinity School.  Christian views, however, seem to conflict with one another, until one gets less literal about the Bible, and either more academic or more mystical, or both.

In fact, many Christians like to talk about God “being in control” of life and the universe. This thought brings comfort to millions of Christians, probably around the world, although I am most familiar with the views of American Christians. However, Christians also seem to believe in free will. The idea of free will is necessary in Christian theology in order to make clear that we are the agents who chose to “sin,” and therefore we “don’t deserve to be forgiven,” but by God’s grace and Christ’s death on the cross, if we repent, we will be forgiven.

In other words, we have free will to choose God and Christ, or to reject them. We also have, in the Christian worldview, free will to choose to sin or to be pure and holy in our thoughts and actions. Because of our free will to make choices, there are consequences for our ‘sins’ and possibly rewards for our ‘Godly’ choices (depending on whose view you adhere to).

The problem here is that we cannot both have God be in control of life and the universe, and have free will to make our own choices.  This is just not logically possible to have both. Either God is in control (and we can blame God for our sins?) or we have free will.

Personally, I don’t think is either illogical or to blame for our sins. So, the next option is to consider that maybe God does not completely control the universe. This option is exactly the idea that was introduced in the early 20th Century by mathematician and theologian Alfred North Whitehead, whose writings formed the basis of a 20th Century theological movement called “process theology.”

Process theology rarely, if ever, makes it into churches. Process theology is rarely preached about or taught about, although I am certain I must have done so at least a little in my days of serving churches as a minister.  Process theology claims that God is in intimate relationship with the universe, so that what happens in the universe affects God, and vice-versa, with God “luring” people and events in the universe towards divine ways of being and doing.  This process theology approach leaves room for science, randomness, and chaos theory, while adding that God shapes reality by coaxing, and evoking or calling goodness into being.

Personally, I find the idea of this God who gives us free will and grants freedom to all levels of being in the universe really appealing, especially when that God also coaxes or calls or nudges us and life towards birthing goodness and love.

Alas, that is not a view that I have heard described very often, if ever, by other preachers. For one thing, Christianity would have to move beyond patriarchal views and towards this divine feminine view of God being like a loving mother who nurtures us into developing our own goodness, and who helps us birth goodness and love into the world.

Fortunately for me, I found Eastern ways of thinking decades ago, and I bring the same feminist theology to them, but have found myself pleasantly surprised that the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda* not only affirm a more feminine way of Divine Nature, but also explain everything about life and the universe more perfectly (logically and lovingly) than anything else I have ever heard or read.

After many years of practicing Raja Yoga Meditation and Kriya Yoga, and reading a number of Yogananda’s writings, I have finally come to understand that free will has to be embedded into the very nature of the universe for one simple reason: God is present everywhere and in everyone.

Yes, Christians refer to this concept in classical theology also, calling it “Omnipresence.” However, there is an integrative, metaphysical way that I have finally, through my studies and meditative insights, come to understand God’s omnipresence and its relation to free will.

The intuitive understanding to which I have been led through reading and through meditation, is that the nature of God’s omnipresence is what makes God’s relationship to free will abundantly clear.  Specifically, as both the Bible and Eastern yoga philosophy teach, God is also known as “I AM.” The presence of God in everything is the Great I AM that exists not only IN but also AS each and every part of the universe, energizing and evoking the divine potential in every aspect of reality.

So, for instance, the I AM in each of us influences our choices, even if our ego self rejects those choices.  Our somewhat limited conscious awareness of that influence has long been referred to as the voice of our own conscience, at least in the West.

The I AM presence of God is in everything, though, so its influence can shape reality, although it does not control it.  Free will is therefore necessary both to allow the I AM presence to coax divine ways of being in the world, and also to give each aspect of reality the opportunity to reject divine ways of being and doing.

Free will is essential for humanity to find God, and to embody God in our choices.  Free will is essential for every aspect of the universe to express itself uniquely as an expression of divine presence, or as the illusion of divine absence. The I AM presence is everyone and everything allows free will choices, and seeks to improve every situation as much as possible, and as much as we, with our free wills and our egos will allow.

Free will is the essential quality of the universe that allows us human beings finally to find God within ourselves. Free will allows us either to live as if God does not exist, or to live as if God is in us and guiding us and loving and blessing others through us. When we choose the latter, sooner or later, by our own free will and the ever-present love of God, we will find ourselves lost in oneness with the very heart and mind of God.

I pray that it will be so soon for all of us, and I am grateful that free will allows the Divine Presence to love us and become one with us all, if – or when – we are open to it! May it be so.


Carol “Anandi”

* For the most insightful and comprehensive introduction to the Yoga philosophy of Paramahansa Yogananda, please read Autobiography of a Yogi. 

Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth

Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching

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Suicide into the Light, Part 2

A family which has lost two young adult sons to depression, one through suicide, and one through an accidental opioid overdose has been working with me to heal from these tragedies. My role is as a healer. In this role, I have served as a medium. I do not call myself psychic, because I work with Archangels who make this healing process possible, even on the “other side.”

The first son who died, hanged himself, and then, when contacted through me in the presence of his mom and two sisters, he apologized profusely, having immediately regretted his decision as soon as he got on the other side of the veil, in the astral realm. He chose to become a Being of Light, who serves the Light by seeking out and assisting lost souls in darker astral realms.

This son, the younger one, has assisted the older son since he crossed over, and yet, the older son seemed to be having more difficulty in the astral realm. The mother called me again a couple of weeks ago, because she had a dream in which the older son was not doing well, and was in a place with only “dim lights.” The dream caused her to feel extremely concerned about him, so she asked me to channel again.

I asked archangels to open a channel of healing, though I told the mother that I was not sure what would happen, since I had just had another channeling experience with a suicide victim who was difficult to reach at first.

Once I had said my prayers and asked the archangels to open a channel of healing, at first I did not get much, only darkness and the color red. After talking about what I was seeing for a few minutes with the mother, though, I found out that the dim lights she had seen in her dream were red. Encouraged by that revelation, I mentally sought after the older son again, and then saw him in a very dark place, but glowing as if alight from some invisible light source.  He was holding a bright blue square, which also seemed lighted by some mysterious, yet invisible light.

(As an aside, he was very smart in his earthly lifetime, and had been pursuing a PhD in engineering.  One comment he made to me during this other-worldly conversation was that “It turns out that mathematics is the language of the Universe.” Somehow, he had learned that on the other side, in the astral realm.)

We had this conversation, about a number of different things. I don’t remember all the details – that can be hard when channeling. We communicated about the blue square he was holding, and he was obviously very excited about it as he told me about it.

The blue square meant something important to him, as though he was going to build his way out of the darkness with it, so it was one part safety blanket, one part hope for escape, and one part sense of personal empowerment – believing in himself.

I believe I invited him to go towards the love and light. He replied that he didn’t believe in love. He explained that a family member had robbed him of fun, and that robbing him of fun meant also depriving him of love.

I shared this with the mother, also explaining to her that I had long ago resisted this idea that fun was as important as love when it was first introduced to me many years ago. I now realized that, for many people, especially children, giving them fun makes them feel loved. Perhaps for myself as well, but I had lost sight of that. Since I was learning this important spiritual lesson about fun bringing a sense of being loved, I realized this conversation was real, and could in no way have come from my own imagination, nor could it have been my own projection. It was his reality, and a very real connection for us both.

Somehow, telling me about his experience of being denied fun and love must have helped him with his own internal healing, because a few “moments” later, he looked at his arms all alight from an unknown light source, seeing them as I also was able to see them, brightly lighted in the midst of darkness. It was as though he was contemplating how they could be seen when there was no external light source around him.

All of a sudden, he declared, “I am light!”

How beautiful! How perfect a thought! And how true that is. I thought of the writings of Paramhansa Yogananda, who taught that there is so much subtle force/light energy in each of our bodies that any one of us could light up the city of Chicago.

With that realization that he is light, he began to rise. Watching him, I rose with him, as though we were both rising up from the bottom of a very dark ocean bed. We rose and rose, and I realized that we were rising to higher and higher vibrations where there was more and more Light. We rose up through what appeared to be ocean water, near to the surface with greenish water and increasing turbulence, and then up into the well-lighted water near the surface.

And then, we broke free and rose through the surface of the water and came out on top.

There, standing in white robes on a white surfboard, smiling in anticipation of his brother’s arrival, stood the younger brother filled with light. Once on the surface, the older brother started to put his blue square down as though that would enable him to stand on the surface the way his brother was standing on a surfboard.

But the younger brother took hold of the blue square, tossed it, and exclaimed, “You don’t need that anymore!”

Then, he grabbed his older brother by the shoulder, and led him away, walking on the water. I watched as both young men strode boldly across the water of the beautiful green ocean, and then the younger brother said, “Let’s fly!” And off they flew into the miraculous “air” of the astral realm.

What a view! Vision – whatever you would like to call it; it was like watching a movie in my Third Eye, or Brow Chakra – the Mind’s Eye. What a happy ending to a painful saga!

I learned two important lessons: that fun is an important way to help people feel loved, and that We Are Light. All of us. We are made of God-stuff, the Light of the Divine; our souls glow, even in the dark.

May you find the Light of your souls, and may you glow, even in the night of this dense earthly realm – on mountaintops, in basements, wherever you are, may you glow with fun, and love, and joy, and Light!

Love and Light,



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From Suicide into the Light

When a friend or loved one commits suicide, the flood of emotions, regrets and fears can be more than one person can know how to bear. Loved ones need love, support, listening ears, space, time, and spiritual guidance after someone close commits suicide.

In my work with clients, I have experienced a variety of reasons that clients have needed healing after a loved one committed suicide or died from natural causes. Although I never set out to be a medium, I have found that Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael have enabled me to serve as a medium for the purpose of healing, both for the client, and also for the loved one who passed on.

This healing for both the deceased and the client or clients has happened a number of ways. While I have served as a healing medium now for a number of years, I first began with a little resistance and a lot of doubts. Then, I realized that, as a healer, whatever my clients need for their own healing dictates how I need to serve.

A few years ago, a middle-aged woman began to see me for healing with some relationship issues. During one of the healing and life coaching sessions, she shared that her brother had committed suicide after disappearing long ago, under mysterious circumstances. While she was growing up, her mother had often threatened to commit suicide. The family legacy of the intention of suicide was clear, leaving negative emotional imprints on every generation.

The client asked me to channel her brother, or to find out what happened with him. I was new to this process and felt pretty insecure and doubted myself a lot, but we got results or answers that seemed to satisfy her.

That was all and well, except that emotional energy pattern of suicide still ran through her family, because it had not yet been cleared. There was also a history of interfering negative energy in their family interjected by a person who had inserted themselves into a relationship with a family member.  This other person had engaged in energetic attacks on the family and their home.  I had not been invited to clear the negative energy in the home, so it still remained.

Unfortunately, the woman contacted me out of the blue about one year later, in terrible distress because her 24-year-old son had just committed suicide in his bedroom in their family home. She asked me to meet with her and her two daughters to channel her son. I agreed.

I believe it was later that same day that we gathered in Washington, DC. We spoke about her son who was gone: a positive, smart, capable, handsome, kind young man who got depressed and withdrawn, and spent too much time in his bedroom that seemed to have a lot of dark energy. The parents found him. They were distraught, and the mom, my client, was desperate to connect with him.

So, I prayed, and then asked Archangel Michael to open a channel to the young man’s soul. I sensed that Archangel Michael did so, and that the young man’s soul was present to us. I asked for a sign, and saw some keys dangling in front of me in my mind’s eye.

I thought to myself, “I can’t ask this distraught mother if keys were important to her son.” But then, I “saw” the young man stick his finger through the keys and twirl them on his finger.

So, I asked my client if her son liked keys, and if he liked to swing them around his finger. She answered, “Oh, yes! He loved keys, and would swing them on his finger. He always loved keys – when he was a toddler, he had a big bunch of keys he would carry around. Just last week, he rearranged my keys on my key ring and added a red heart.”

So, I said, “I believe he is with us,” and explained what he had shown me.

I then channeled him, with tears pouring down my cheeks from the emotion coming through from him.  He kept apologizing to his mom through me. He realized immediately that he had made a mistake. And right away, he chose to serve the light on the other side, the astral/heavenly realms. He decided to work off his karma by helping lost souls on the other side. He was clearly surrounded by and protected by angels.

His mom and sisters felt reassured, of course. I felt overwhelmed by the deep and touching emotions and extremely grateful to be part of this healing process.

Perhaps six months later, the mother got in touch with me again. She and her husband had moved to California, in part to get away from the house where their son had died. Now, their other son was struggling and needed help; he also lived in California, so we connected by phone.

The other son worked with me just a little bit. He seemed very stuck on negative outlooks. He was not very open to changing his perspective or having faith that the universe could work things out with him and for him. He was very unhappy, and had a low opinion of himself. He stopped working with me, which was, in my opinion, a regrettable choice, especially since he had not tried energy healing/distance healing.

Just yesterday, the woman reached out to me by text to say that this older son died the day before of an accidental overdose of opioids. She sent me photos and I texted back-and-forth with her for awhile to support her in her grief. She asked if I could do a session by phone with her and her daughters to channel this son from the other side. I agreed.

Being a minister, I felt I had to pray for the soul of her son as soon as possible, especially because I had another client to see first before I could do the session with the grieving mom.

When I prayed for this young man who just died, I did not ask for Archangel Michael to open a channel, so I felt really surprised when I “saw” him, in a heavenly realm, surrounded by angels glowing brightly with white light. He seemed to shy away from the angels, and somehow I knew that he felt unworthy to be with them.

Then, in my mind’s eye, his younger brother who had committed suicide appeared glowing brightly with white light like the angels. The younger brother gave the brother who had just died a big hug. The older brother stayed in the hug for a bit, and then drew back, saying, “I’m not worthy. I’m not good enough.”

I realized that if he didn’t heal that thought, he would end up spending who knows how long in a lower-vibration realm, until he would let himself be drawn back to the light. I asked how we could help him heal, and it came to me to have the mom and the sisters and I pray the Hawaiian Prayer to heal that thought pattern/energy vibration: “I am unworthy/not good enough.”

Later that day, when we did the conference call together, the mom, the two daughters and I, I first listened as a devastated mother grieved and talked about the second son that she had lost. I asked her questions about how it happened. Then, I checked in on the daughters, and questioned one, knowing that she needed to be encouraged to grow emotionally through this experience so that she could heal also.

After focusing on them, I shared with them what had happened when I prayed. I asked them to tell me I was wrong about what I had heard the older brother say about being unworthy. I really wanted to be wrong for his sake. However, all three women affirmed that that is exactly what he would have said.

So, I shared with them the idea that came to me about using the Hawaiian Prayer to help him heal. They all three agreed.  It took me awhile to clarify how we needed to do it, the philosophy and spirituality of the Hawaiian Prayer, and how to “aim” it in this situation.

Then, I asked if they would like me to ask the archangels to open a channel for healing the son/brother while we prayed the prayer. The mom immediately jumped in with a resounding “yes.”

So, I asked them to wait while I prayed and asked Archangel Michael to help.  I ended up asking both Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael (the archangel of healing) to open a channel of healing between me and the son, and also between the mother and sisters and the son/brother who needed healing. then I asked for a sign that the channel was open.

Immediately, I “saw” in my mind’s eye the two brothers seated on a square white rug, with the emptiness of astral space all around them. The two young men were sitting cross-legged on the rug, and my vision was mostly drawn to the one who had committed suicide years ago and who was serving the light. His arms were crossed, and he told me they were having a competition to see who was most stubborn to stay there until they worked this out. He said they were “having a contest.”

So, I asked the mom and sisters if the two brothers would be likely to be competing with each other, and if they would have a contest between them.  All three affirmed that they would be likely to be competing and having a contest with each other. I reassured them that we had a sign of the healing channel being open by sharing what I had seen and heard.

I then suggested that we “pray” the Hawaiian Prayer for five minutes, and said I would check in at that point. We prayed, and when I had finished, I asked again for a sign of how the two sons/brothers were doing.

I saw them standing up together this time, and the son who had just died was so much better and happier. He was realizing that the thought of being unworthy was just a thought pattern in the family, and that it didn’t belong to him. He let it go. I was amazed that he had healed so quickly, but of course, he had angels and his brother with him and all four of us back down on earth.

The mother had mentioned to me that the father had decided to be like Buddha, and to break the cycle of rebirth. The brothers were aware of this, and immediately shifted together to seeking to serve the light to go beyond rebirth. They both immediately realized that they needed to help other people find the light in order to break the karmic cycle of rebirth.

Then, I saw the two brothers holding “flashlights” and aiming them down at earth to shine light on their mother, father, and sisters. I even saw a spotlight of light hitting the earth. They were like cute little boys playing happily with the light.

I checked the time on my phone, and discovered it had been exactly five minutes. So, I checked in with the women, and told them about the sign I had received. I then asked if the boys had liked flashlights. The mom enthusiastically confirmed that they had played with flashlights together as little boys.

So, we had received two signs that the brothers, in heaven, were healing together, and were now serving the light. First, we received the “contest” between them, and then them shining flashlights down to earth to share the light of heaven with their family.

How amazing, healing, and transforming a story!  What a joy it is working with this family, that is so committed to healing, to love, to finding and serving the light!

May we all heal, love, and find and serve the light as well!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

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