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From ‘There Is no God’ to God as Harmony #God #Harmony

One of the qualities I admire about atheists is that they have generally rejected a lot of really bad ideas about who God is.  From ‘the Man upstairs,’ to the judgmental, angry, and punishing ‘God,’ there are a lot of … Continue reading

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Nothing Is “Wrong”

How often do we  use that phrase, “Nothing’s wrong” from a state of denial when we don’t really want to tell someone what is bothering us?  If only we knew how true that statement is from a perspective of higher … Continue reading

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Cosmic Energy Wave September 2015

The September 27, 2015 September Energy Wave I kept hearing about an energy wave coming through with the Super Moon Full Eclipse on Sunday September 27.  That day, I had on my schedule leading a Celebration for the Self-Realization Community at … Continue reading

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This week, I decided to practice the “I AM” as a mantra, in order to empower myself to live in the I AM consciousness, and for the very mundane reason that I could then speak about it at my meditation … Continue reading

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Shiva, Shakti, and Conscious Energy

This message recently came to me: There is no division in consciousness. The essential is Shiva-Shakti, The Absolute, Being-Beyond-Form, the blend of Consciousness and Energy, which splits consciousness (Shiva) from energy (Shakti), like the original atomic bomb, which, Yes! went … Continue reading

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Expanding Consciousness Through the Crown Chakra

If I may, please allow me to provide a little background for this post.  I have practiced Raja Yoga meditation for 17 years, and Kriya Yoga’s One Breath meditation for about 15 years.  When I had my “Enlightenment Vision” on … Continue reading

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