Truth and Illusion

As politicians, media, scientists, and religions vie for truth,front “Truth and Illusion” leads us on a quest to discover why we believe what we do.  Dethroning patriarchy and overcoming dualistic thinking, “Truth and Illusion” paves the way to understanding one another, cultivating inner wisdom, and expanding our abilities to access ultimate truths.

When East meets West in Truth and Illusion, the yogic science of spirituality extends psychology’s understanding of human nature, so that finally we can understand why one person’s lie is another one’s truth.   You will learn:

  • how to cultivate inner wisdom
  • why we must harmonize dualistic thinking, such as East–West,

male–female, left brain–right brain, rich–poor, and

individualistic–communal, so we can find truth

  • how the seven chakras represent our progress in understanding life, truth, ourselves, and one another
  • how patriarchy has overpowered humanity culturally and religiously, limiting our human development and blocking our access to ultimate truths
  • how feminine qualities, masculine qualities, love, fear, and the worldviews of each of our seven chakras combine to explain why we see the world the way we do.

You will be amazed to discover yourself and others so clearly described along the developmental journey through the chakra system.  You will understand why we are who we are, and how all of us can progress in our quests for truth. Truth and Illusion ultimately leads us to transcend duality to a state of oneness, discovering Truth and creating harmony together.

Cover Image designed by Davonne Flanagan with the earth/yin-yang image, which has a  Copyright:

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Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth on in Kindle and Paperback