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I AM Needed #IAM #children #DivinePresence #prayer #blessing

“I AM Needed”  One day mid-week, I found myself working at home, writing, networking, and so on, with no clients scheduled.  I tend to prefer days when I have clients scheduled, because then I feel “needed.”  Of course, God’s Presence … Continue reading

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Finding Peace Post-Election #election2016 #healthyspirituality

Yesterday’s election results brought celebration for many Americans, and yet, perhaps especially for many of us who are more spiritual than religious, the election may tempt us into frustration and despair, projecting a dismal future for both America and the … Continue reading

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An Angel Oracle Guide #oracle #angel #spiritualguide

October 11, 2016, I was hearing the Voice of Intuition in my head, so I asked, “How do I hear this intuition?  I was immediately told, “You are an oracle.”  I asked, “Who, then, am I channeling? From whom do … Continue reading

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