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The Parable of the Golden Boat  (for children and adults)

Once upon a time, some very wealthy people lived on a golden boat.  The golden boat was really big, like a city, but floating on a beautiful blue sea. lotus_wings

The people of the golden boat liked to call themselves “The Goldens,” and they thought they were very special.  As a matter of fact, the golden people thought they were much more special than the workers, who worked on the boat, but who lived somewhere else.  The Goldens didn’t even bother to find out where the workers lived, because they didn’t care.

In fact, the workers, who called themselves “real people,” lived on wooden boats.  What was really funny was that the Goldens thought their golden boat floated all by itself, and they didn’t realize that the wooden boats of the real people surrounded the golden boat and held it afloat.

If it weren’t for the real people’s wooden boats, that golden boat would have sunk long ago.  The real people worked really hard to make sure that their wooden boats stayed water proof and leak proof, not only so they wouldn’t lose their own homes, but also so that their boats would keep the golden boat afloat.

Life had been this way for a very long time.  No one remembered when people had lived any other way.

The workers, that is, the real people, would sail wooden cargo boats to the land that they could see at the edge of the water – on the horizon.  On the land, they would gather more wood, and grow food, and get rain water for drinking and all the needs of the golden people.

The real people would bring everything the golden people needed back to the golden boat, and then they also worked very hard for the golden people on the golden boat, making sure they had meals, and clothes, and clean homes.

The golden people directed the workers as to what they should do.  But when they directed the workers to bring them more wood, or water, or clothing, they had no idea where the workers got everything; to the golden people, everything just magically appeared, because they gave the workers something called “money.”

The money the goldens payed the workers enabled the workers to buy clothes and wood and food from each other.  The money also paid for the schools that their children attended, on a big wooden barge behind the golden boat.  The real children had to learn how to cook, sew, clean, count, and so much more.  The golden children only had to learn how to direct the workers, how to dress to impress, and how to make money.  Everything in life seemed to depend on the money that the golden people made on their golden boat.

Because the golden people made the money, they thought they were the real reason that everything went smoothly for everyone.  The golden people took all the credit for creating jobs, for making sure that everyone had wood and clothes and food.  In reality, though, the real people were the ones who made sure that everyone had clothes, and food, and wood, and everything they could possibly need.  The real people did all the work, except for making money.

The real people cooked, cleaned, manufactured everything except the money, and they worked hard day and night, making life really wonderful for the golden people.  At night, the real people would work hard taking care of their families, and then the real people would get a little rest on their small wooden boats, so that they could start all over again.

The golden people believed that they ran everything.  Because they decided when they wanted more food, and when they wanted more wood, and when they would take a bath or go swimming in their swimming pools on their golden boat, they thought that they were in charge of everything.  They believed that being in charge made them important.  They also believed that making money and having money made them important. They made money whenever they wanted to, and they made sure that their money was golden, too.  The golden people simply got the real people, whom they always called “the workers,” to do everything for them by giving them a little bit of money for their work.

Only the real people knew that all their work made life possible for the golden people, but they had forgotten that they were the ones who knew how to do everything that was needed for life to go on.  After all, they were the only ones who knew how to grow food, and to mend the wooden boats, and to sail to land.  The real people had forgotten that they didn’t really need the golden people, because the golden people had convinced the real people that they needed money, which, after all, wasn’t even very real.

Money didn’t grow on trees, although it was made from trees.  Money didn’t grow fruits or nuts or make flowers.  Money didn’t make the gardens grow, and money couldn’t be sewn together to make clothes.  But, nonetheless, the golden people had somehow, long ago, convinced the real people that they needed money to stay alive.

The real people knew that the only reason the golden people stayed alive was because of all the real people’s work, and because the real people’s wooden boats held up the golden boat.  But the real people were too scared to live life without the golden people and their money.  And the real people liked living beside the golden boat because it was so beautiful and because life seemed so wonderful on the golden boat.  The real people dreamed of being able to live on the golden boat themselves.  They even dreamed of being golden people.

Because the real people lived in the pretend world of their dreams, and the golden people lived in the pretend world of keeping their golden boat floating and their golden lives organized and happy, everyone lived in a pretend world together.  The real people had actually forgotten why they called themselves the real people.

Everyone got along, but no one was really very happy.  The only way people felt happy was by pretending that what they experienced in life was all there is, and by pretending that the golden boat, the golden money, and the golden people all made life special.  The golden people felt good having money, because then they could make the workers do everything for them.  The real people felt good earning money, because then they felt a little bit more like the golden people. As long as they had money, everyone felt a little bit happy, because they all believed the money, and the golden boat, were what made them truly happy.

Sometimes, once in a long while, one of the real people would figure out what was really happening, and become very unhappy.  The real people who woke up, tried to convince everyone else that they were crazy, and that they didn’t have to live life this way, and that the reason everything worked was because the real people worked, not because of the golden people.

Whenever one of the real people woke up and tried to make everyone else see what was really going on, the golden people would pay the real people more money to make that person go away and stop talking “crazy talk.”

Sometimes, the real people who woke up would be rowed over to the land, and left there.  Usually, the real people who were abandoned on the land would learn to live happily with the plants, the animals, and the forests.  Sometimes they would even learn to meditate, and live peacefully and blissfully among the beauties of nature.  Eventually, the real people who woke up and who meditated stopped wanting the golden boat anymore.  Once they broke free of the pretend world through meditation, they no longer wanted to be like the golden people or the real people.

The real people who no longer wanted to be someone else other than who they truly are, became the very few people who were truly free. And once these very few people became free, they never, ever wanted to be anyone or anything except free ever again.

When they became free, they felt so full of love, they wanted to help everyone else become free.  They knew that the best way to help others become free was to remain free from the golden boat themselves, and to teach others how they could become free. The people who became free taught meditation, and were revered by only a few people who had also awakened.  And so, every generation or so, there would be one or two, or maybe even a few real people who woke up, and who became truly happy, and truly free.  They taught the next generation how to be free.

The golden people never woke up, because nothing happened to them that would make them want to wake up.  They thought they were very happy because they had money, and because they lived on a golden boat. The golden people especially thought they were happy because they believed that they were so much better than the workers.  But the golden people were never free.

The happiest people in the world were the real people who woke up, and then gave up money, gave up the golden boat, meditated, and became free.  And the people who became free always lived happily ever after.

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching

Mornings with the Masters: Mystical Journeys in a Postmodern World on

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Inside the Women’s March on Washington #womensmarchwashingtondc

The Women’s March on Washington on Saturday January 22nd, 2017, was one of the most uplifting and remarkable, down-to-earth expressions of embodied (or incarnational) spirituality that I have ever experienced.  img_0872

A friend invited me to join her and another friend, and to meet her at 8:30 am at the Shady Grove metro stop.  Shady Grove is the end of the red line near me, two stops beyond my “home” stop at Twinbrook Metro Station.  As I walked to the Twinbrook metro from home, I saw a man and his son carrying a sign, and spoke with them to confirm they were indeed headed to the Women’s March.  With delight and gratitude for men supporting women along with peaceful marches for democracy and for protecting the rights of people and the environment, I thanked them.

When I reached the Shady Grove metro station, it was packed with people, mostly women, heading to the march. My friend literally could not get past the 1,000 people ahead of her, slowly feeding into the metro station.  We decided to meet back at Twinbrook, where there was a lot of parking, and no crowds.

She had brought her teenage daughter, who had brought two girlfriends, so there were five of us, enjoying the company of marchers packing the metro train.  Some of the people had come from far away to join us “locals.” How wonderful that they came from other states!

When we arrived downtown, we joined the crowd on the National Mall, and began to search for my friend’s friend, who was near the Smithsonian’s Native American Indian Museum, where the crowds were thickest near the stage of speakers and performers.  Five of us slowly moved through the crowd, and I discovered that it helps to wait for “waves” of movement, and to become part of that wave of motion through people crammed body-to-body.  If I found myself temporarily not touching numerous bodies, I actually felt as though I was missing something!

Everyone was so nice, so calm, so loving and compassionate and considerate.

Can you imagine being part of an ocean of humanity, perhaps 500,000 people, body-to-body, feeling love and peace and cooperation and respect and passionate desire to protect everybody’s rights?  It was a little piece of heaven-on-earth.  The energy was wonderful!

The signs were fun and so meaningful.  One of my favorites was held by a mom, who was quoting her four-year-old daughter:  “Be nice to our country.” My all-time favorite was a sign held by a woman stating:  “Sorry, world.”

The chants were uplifting, fun and inspiring.  My soul self’s favorite was:  “No hate; no fear; everyone is welcome here!” My ego-self’s delight was:  “Trump, Trump, go away; racist, sexist, anti-gay.”   There was also the important:  “My body, my choice,” echoed beautifully and lovingly by the men: “Her body, her choice.”  And also:  “Black lives matter!” and “Show me what democracy looks like!  (response): This is what democracy looks like!”

If you have ever wondered what it would be like if God and Goddess walked the earth through a large gathering of humanity, I would suggest that this March was indeed one example.

Whenever we embody grace, we embody the Divine.  Whenever we embody compassion and especially compassionate action, we embody the Divine.  Whenever we embody peace and goodwill, we embody the Divine.  When we embody love and kindness, patience and cooperation, we embody the Divine Presence.  The Divine Presence was thus present and creating a huge wave of beautiful energy 500,000 people strong, washing across Washington, DC, and emanating out across the world.

In each and every moment, we can choose to embody the Divine Presence, by being patient, kind, loving, and compassionate ourselves.  How important choosing to be Divine Presence is as individuals, and how essential it is becoming that we embody Divine Presence together.

May it be so!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

Please check out my novel about creating a world-wide movement to heal humanity and the planet here:  Exodus 2012: A Mission to Save the Earth

Highest Harmony Healing & Coaching

Mornings with the Masters: Mystical Journeys in a Postmodern World



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Blessing the New Year #newyear #2017 #peace #blessing

As we launch into 2017, we have quite a year ahead, both spiritually speaking, and politically speaking.  Those of us who live in America seem to feel very divided over our current political shift.  The world is watching, with perhaps a similar divide.  As souls living on this earth plane at this time, we must ask:  what is our responsibility at this time in the life of humanity as a whole?

Peace teens

First, from a higher spiritual perspective, we look at this new year 2017 together, not just as individuals, but also seeking the greater good for our life together, as well as seeking the spiritual evolution of us all.  Second, rather than asking “what is in this new year for me?”instead, we ask, “what can I do in this new year to impart well-being (blessing) to others?”

The guidance I believe I am hearing and would like to share with you is guidance that actually came through as a blessing for one of my clients at the end of 2016.  (At the end of each energy healing session, I ask Source for the blessing the client needs to hear.)”  This particular blessing can impart well-being to us all:

“This is the lifetime to shift from being a physical warrior to being a spiritual warrior.  A spiritual warrior does not ask, ‘Where is the enemy outside of myself?’  Rather, a spiritual warrior asks, ‘Where is the enemy within?’

Nor does a spiritual warrior seek to attack that which is outside oneself, but rather engages the struggle between goodness and evil within oneself.  A spiritual warrior therefore asks, ‘What is blocking the peace within myself that is preventing me from bringing peace to the world?’

For the task of a spiritual warrior is to find the peace within herself or himself, that she or he may bring peace to the world.”

If we will all live according to this guidance in 2017, the world will only get better and better, and we will all evolve and find true and lasting inner peace.  When we find that inner peace, we will be able to share it with each other, no matter what our outer circumstances may be.

May 2017 be the year we make significant progress in finding, keeping, and sharing that inner peace!

Love and light,

Carol “Anandi”

Mornings with the Masters: Mystical Journeys in a Postmodern World, on Amazon

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A Saint in the Congo (DRC) #holidays #saint #congo #kinshasa #TASOK

For eleven years, I have been inspired by my Congolese friend, Etienne Ngandu Wembolenga.  Etienne, which is Stephen in French, is pronounced “A-tee-EHN.” We met when my daughter and I traveled to Kinshasa in 2005, for a reunion of the American School, and we also represented churches in Michigan on a mission trip.copie-de-hp0007

Because of the church and school connections, many people wanted to exchange email addresses, including many people in the Congo.  My French had grown very rusty, but the trip called forth every memory possible of words and phrases I had ever heard in French.  I had also put a lot of work into the trip, raising, funds and donated items for church-based schools and hospitals in the Congo.  I couldn’t imagine the work needed to continue to communicate with Congolese people in French when I returned; all I could think was that it sounded like so much work to do the translations both ways!

The group of about 40 people who gathered in Kinshasa for the TASOK* reunion stayed in the Methodist-Presbyterian guest hostel, where some artists displayed their wares at the front entrance.  There, I met Etienne, one of the artists, along with some other artists, all of whose work I admired.

I purchased about $200 worth of art from Etienne and the other artists, primarily because I felt a strong motivation to take the art back to show Americans how wonderful Congolese art really is.  Etienne asked to exchange email addresses.  At first, I hesitated, thinking about how much work it would be to communicate with him, but then, we did exchange email addresses.

Etienne emailed me not long after I returned to the U.S.  His spelling and grammar tend to lack precision at some points, and my vocabulary and conjugation abilities have been limited, so I haven’t always understood what he wrote, but he wrote something like:  “Thank you so much for buying so many things from me.  I bought food, soap, and paid a bill.”

When I showed many of the objects that I had purchased to a group of clergy in Michigan, their response was to buy a lot of it from me.  My daughter and I therefore decided that, if Etienne could somehow send us more art and jewelry, we would sell it so that he could keep eating.  The fair trade business Congo Art & Jewelry was born.

From 2005 to 2007, we sold fair trade art in Lansing, and in churches.  We showed a powerpoint presentation and collected donations to fund a women’s literacy program, feed widows, help orphans, and generally help starving artists.

On his end, Etienne formed a cooperative of artists called OCIJAM, a French acronym, which, when roughly translated means, “Christian Organization for Empowering Young Artists,” and Etienne mostly empowered those who had been orphaned as youth, as he himself had been.

What amazed and inspired me initially was that, when I would send over as much money as I could for the art and in donations, Etienne would just take that money and share it among the artists, evenly distributing it so that everyone received something.  He never kept more than he gave away.

One time, we sent only $20 in donations, so Etienne bought a huge bag of rice and several fish, and invited 10 widows to share the rice and fishes.  (That’s my favorite personal “loaves and fishes” story! … for those of you who know the Biblical allusion there.)

One year, at Christmas, Etienne took $20 and bought loaves of bread to share with a blind man, a man who had lost his leg, and others who were even more desperate than the 8-10 million people of Kinshasa, who mostly live in poverty.

One time I received donation money of only $45, and Etienne used it to pay for one trimester of school for three children whose father had been killed in the conflict in Eastern Congo (along with 6-8 million other people who lost their lives in the world’s biggest holocaust since WWII.)  You have to pay to get to go to school in Kinshasa.

When the three children’s mother found out that she had HIV, she asked Etienne, who then emailed me, “Papa Etienne, would you and Mama Carol take care of my children when I die?”  What are you going to reply to a poor woman dying of HIV in the Congo?  Well, yes, of course!

Etienne visited her on her deathbed, and she repeated, “Papa Etienne, would you and Mama Carol take care of my children when I die?”  I believe this was in 2006, and Etienne and I have been taking care of these three orphans ever since.  Well, the daughter is grown and has a daughter of her own.

My holiday discounted distance and in-person healings this year go to raise money for the family for Christmas, and for the two boys to continue in school.  One client has so far paid the discounted rate of only $80 for two one-hour sessions, and gave me an extra $10.

Before Christmas, I sent $300, so here’s what the client’s $90 helped Etienne do:  the two boys were able to purchase some clothes, their aunt was able to purchase rice and chicken for their Christmas meal, their sister received $10, which was kind because she just gave birth to a stillborn baby.  Then Etienne, to whom I designated only $50 of that total, gave $5 each to a few artists who were in the hospital,** and helped a widow buy some food.

Etienne gave away much of the little bit that I sent him, even though he also wrote to ask me to help him find someone here to sell his art again, because he has had no work lately.  Can you imagine giving away much of the little bit of money that someone gave you, even if you had no job and no income?  Many people in Kinshasa live that way; sharing the little bit that they have, even though they do not know when they will receive more.

Etienne is my inspiration this holiday season.  I do not have the qualifications to speak to the true essence of Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Divali, but I do know that the true essence of Christmas is giving, sharing, and living in such a way that the world becomes a better place for others.  So, this Christmas, I honor my friend Etienne, for giving of his meagre resources to others, and I thank my daughter, my client, and any and all who help me to help Etienne help poor people in the Congo.

May your holidays be blessed, as you are a blessing to others!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

Here is my friend Etienne and the orphans, Caleb, Moise, and their aunt Solange:

Voici mon ami Etienne et les orphelins, Caleb, Moise, et leur tante Solange:


*TASOK:  the American School of Kinshasa

** Many people in Kinshasa get sick fairly often from malaria, typhoid, and other preventable diseases.

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Holiday Distance Healing Discount #Reiki #lifecoaching #Energyhealing


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COUPON GOOD FOR December 15, 2016 to January 15, 2017

*Half of all proceeds will benefit two orphans of HIV in the Dem. Rep. of Congo (Kinshasa) so that they can eat, buy clothes, celebrate Le Fete de Noel, and pay for the school trimester in January.

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Narcissism or Oneness? Transition Government & Spiritual Reflections

In times of extreme change, how do we connect with God and receive the inner wisdom we need to move forward with grace?

We are in a time when the American government is making a radical transition from diverse views, to extremely wealthy, mostly white, mostly male views. Yes, we have been here before, but in my 58 years as an American – well, almost (I wasn’t declared an American by the US consulate in the Congo until Jan. 9, 1959), this appears to be extreme – almost a takeover of the US government by white supremacists and billionaires.  Almost being the keyword here – I do not mean to make any accusations, I am just sharing the appearance of this transition as I see it from the news I read.

The other appearance I see – whether it is reality or whether it becomes reality, I don’t know, for I will leave that up to God – is the appearance that our incoming president may be setting himself up to do business around the world, expanding his own interests into a global business empire.  Does anyone else see that possibility/appearance, or am I just seeing things?   This appears to me to be the most narcissistic use of the US Presidency I have ever seen.  Or, maybe it just looks that way right now – things could change, and I could be mistaken, or it could be genuinely narcissistic behavior.

I am now reflecting on both government and spirituality in the context of substitute teaching.  I love empowering kids to think for themselves.  I especially love empowering teenagers to think outside-the-box, to think critically, to be aware of culture and how we create culture together.  There seems to be little I can do as a substitute, but I manage to sneak in a few tidbits of reflection, questioning, wise thoughts, inspiration, as I am able.

I found myself sitting down by a middle school girl yesterday, and instead of sending her out with security, telling her that her life will become so much better if she will start to think about the impact her behavior has on the people around her.  I shared that not only will her life become better, but also she will become happier when she learns to consider how she impacts people around her.  She actually listened, and pulled down her headphones when I asked her to.  I explained that it was either this conversation or going with security.  The energy between us was actually gentle, not combative as is so often the case with defiant teenagers; instead, this felt like a positive connection was made.

How many of us fail to think of the impact of our behavior on others, a few times a day, often, or every now-and-then?  Isn’t that narcissism?   As a substitute teacher, I always need to ask myself, “Is my energy making things worse or better in this classroom?”

We all seem to walk through life as though we are the center of our own universes.  Human beings, in our ego consciousness, are all seemingly natural narcissists.  Two-year-olds who develop the language and awareness of me, my, and mine express this developmental stage of humanity.  Generally, we grow beyond this to some extent.

And yet, we Americans seem to be electing a president who gives great evidence of acting narcissistically.  Why are we apparently electing an apparent narcissist?  What do we do about it from a spiritual perspective?

I decided to make it my personal practice to look for narcissism in myself.  The basic spiritual principle I am using is the spiritual principle of the mirror in relationships.  This principle states:  if we see or experience something in someone else that seems negative or undesirable to us, and IF we feel upset about it, then we need to look inside ourselves to see what mirrors that undesirable aspect, either in our thoughts, attitudes, or beliefs, or in our energies.

I realized that narcissism is the ego’s way of keeping us from letting go and becoming one with God.  Every time we choose to remain in our own consciousness rather than opening up to the consciousness of God, we are acting narcissistically in relation to God.  If we will just let go of our own consciousness, we will be able to become Self-Realized, and attain God-consciousness.  Most of us are narcissistic enough to prefer to be in control of our own thoughts and conscious awareness, rather than letting go into the mind and awareness of God.

If we do not like the narrowly self-serving interests of certain politicians and government officials, and if we feel concerned about the appearance of narcissism, then our first responsibility is to look at these things in ourselves.  I never used to understand why Jesus Christ did not take on the Roman government (other than that would have entailed battle, and a losing one at that), until now when I realize what Christ was teaching us was that, by changing ourselves, we change our world.

Yesterday, when I prayed for an affirmation for the Friday night meditation circle, what came to me was:  “I AM Truth.  I AM Wisdom.  I AM the Eye that can see all that is needed for everyone.”

The nature of God is that the Center Is Everywhere.  There is no single “I” that is central – everywhere and everyone is central to God.

What would happen if we used a yardstick like this to measure our politicians and if we chose them based only on inclusion of everyone in their attempts to be fair and just in governing?  What if we reflect on the concept of the center of government is everywhere and in everyone?  Isn’t that the true essence of democracy?*

More important spiritually speaking, what do each of us need to shift inside ourselves to be more inclusive in our day-to-day life of considering the wellbeing of all life on this earth?  Do we go through our days only thinking of what we need, or do we consider the needs of those around us?  Do we merely compete with others, or do we cooperatively work together for the greater good of everyone?

When we shift our energies and intentions, the world around us shifts.  We will grow closer in our Oneness with the Divine and with one another when we remember that every time we affirm, “I AM,” we affirm that the center of our Self is everywhere and in everyone.

For everyone and everything we see and experience, perhaps we could practice responding, “I AM That.”  Changing our world, one affirmation at a time!

For some additional thoughts on how we can change the world not only spiritually, but also politically, I invite you to check out my book, Exodus 2012: A Mission to Save the Earth  on

In this season of Hope, Joy, Peace, and Love,

Carol “Anandi”

*I realize that we actually elected, by our popular vote, Hillary Clinton as the woman whom the majority of us felt would indeed represent, as US President, the diversity that we Americans are.

Mornings with the Masters on

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Suicide Prevention and the Wisdom of the Soul #suicideprevention #wisdom #soul #soulwisdom

The spirituality of suicide prevention seems to me to be Logo Affirmationlargely lacking in our society.  Of course, respecting people’s different religions or lack thereof is part of it, but larger than that is the issue that our society has little place for either cultivating the wisdom of the soul, or for allowing the wisdom of the soul to speak.

We human beings are souls on a journey, and that journey is from Love, and ultimately, a return to Love.  What happens in-between and along that journey often gets messy, painful, and downright no fun.  Because we have very little training in this concept of our soul’s journey (at least in the West), we lose track of why we are here, and what we have come here to accomplish.

Western culture, perhaps especially at this time of year, presents us with the idea that life is about getting more things to make us happy, going to school, getting a job, raising a family, saving for retirement,  and staying healthy enough to enjoy retirement, at which point we help future generations go through school, acquire more things, get a job, and form a family.  Overall, the attitude of materialism is not only how do I get the things I want in life, but also, the idea that life is about what I get out of it.

If we are constantly seeking to get something and to get somewhere in life, we tend to feel empty.  If instead, we know the truth, the wisdom, and the beauty of who we are, we can more easily find contentment.

While pursuing all this happiness outside ourselves rather than discovering the incredible beauties within ourselves, we often get knocked around by life, and sometimes it can be difficult to recover.  Sometimes, life feels incredibly difficult to people from day one, as we are born into emotionally destructive families, or even physically and sexually abusive ones.

The soul knows that this is not the way life is truly meant to be lived, and so we seek to get ourselves out of whatever destructive life we are experiencing.  Unfortunately, our conscious mind may not be aware that it is our soul affirming that life is meant to be better, so our conscious mind may make choices to “tune out” the “reality” we are facing.  This pattern leads to one or more of various forms of addiction, and often to suicide.

The threat or thought of suicide arises when the emotional pain inside us feels so overwhelming that we feel cannot stand it, and we believe that nothing and no one in this life will end the pain.  Tortured by the combination of destructive emotional pain and these limiting beliefs, a person may commit suicide, unless they become conscious of the wisdom of the soul.

The wisdom of the soul seeks to extract us from negativity.  The wisdom of the soul knows and trusts that there is a place or a way in which we can not only escape the pain, but also live without it.  Even if a person commits suicide, it is because they have faith that dying will end the pain and they believe they will no longer suffer.

On the level of our spiritually unconscious mind, we don’t actually know what will happen when we die.  When we begin to awaken, we discover that our life is a spiritual journey, whether we are conscious of that journey or not. The wisdom of the soul seeks always to get us to a better and happier place, but the unconscious mind may interfere and choose ineffective ways to make us feel better or happier.

When I work with people to prevent suicide, I often seek to help them discover the wisdom of their own souls, and to see the beauty of who they truly are.  We seek to uncover the shiny soul hidden under the rusty ego self that has lost its glow in the bitterness of despair.  I work with people to help them see that a lot of our pain is caused by our limiting beliefs, and by our negative judgments of ourselves and others.

I seek to help people uncover the negative emotional patterns of their families, sometimes working across generations.  We need to end the trans-generational patterns of emotional pain in family systems. We focus on forgiveness work, forgiving ourselves and others through empathy and understanding.  The tools I use to help people through the process of forgiveness are the principle of the spiritual mirror in relationships, and the Hawaiian Prayer, or Ho’Oponopono.

We seek to discover a person’s strengths and joys and dreams, and the self-limiting thoughts that prevent them from being actualized.  We seek to look at victim consciousness and to discover how very powerless it leaves us believing we are.  We seek to learn about being a spiritual warrior, standing up to whatever negativity life throws our way.

We learn about the nature of the Universe, and the Oneness of our souls with Source and with one another.  We learn about the true nature of all that is:  love, peace, harmony, joy, and bliss.  We learn that the ultimate state of being is that state in which all is well.  We learn that our soul yearns to be in that state “all is well” all the time, and that it is possible to get to where we can live in that consciousness continually.

I love teaching the beauty of the Universe, reminding us of the wisdom of our soul that already knows and trusts these truths.

However, I have had to deal with the fact that, in our society, the only option for someone who is threatening suicide and not just making an idle threat for attention, is to get placed in a hospital, where the spirituality gets left out of the picture, the true Self gets shoved aside, and medications that fog the brain and numb conscious awareness are forced upon them as helpless patients, that is, victims.

This further sense of victimization and helplessness is the opposite of what people contemplating suicide need, although I agree that physical restraint and safety may be essential at times.  I disagree with how we go about that.  We often place suicidal individuals with other individuals in whom the darkness is so dark, that it blocks the sense of light and love and hope from those around them as well.

What would happen if we could create a residential treatment center where people who are contemplating suicide could go and live in the light?  What if we could provide a place where everyone who works there has spiritually awakened beyond victimhood and the darkness of the spiritually unconscious mind and therefore works from the wisdom of the soul?

What if we could provide a place where the residents receive homeopathic remedies, an organic, vegetarian and mostly raw diet, and minimal medications?  What if we could provide energy healing (like Reiki), and spiritually intuitive life coaching?  What if treatments could include yoga and Tai Chi and meditation and walking in the woods?

I dream of opening a healing and meditation center someday – a retreat center, but more than that.  A spiritual place for prevention of suicide would be so beautiful to have as an option these days, because our options don’t seem to include bringing the Light and feeding the soul.

Energy healing brings us the Light that we need to heal the dark thoughts and feelings, and the intuitive guidance can help us rediscover the wisdom of our souls.   There are times that I have had to face the forces of darkness in my work, and I am grateful for Higher Beings, particularly Archangel Michael, who enable me to do so.  I dream of creating a residence in the countryside, where people can be restored to themselves, and continue on their journey as beings of light.

If you have supportive thoughts or ideas or a commitment you would like to make to help fund or develop a spiritual suicide prevention center, please get in touch with me:   If you are an integrative doctor or other practitioner and would love to be part of creating such a center, please get in touch.

I dream of being able to help souls discover the light within, even in the face of the darkness of suicidal thoughts!  May God bless this dream to fruition, whether through myself and others, or through someone else.  May it be so!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

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