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The Creative Forces of the Universe

In 2013, Buddha taught me, in a mystical vision, two essential lessons on the spiritual path: the fundamental nature of reality and the keys to enlightenment.  I have written about them here and in my book, Mornings with the Masters: … Continue reading

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Conscious Blessing Overcomes Entropy #blessing #entropy #consciousness #yogi #resurrection

October 10, 2016 This morning, after reading A Course in Miracles, which teaches that we have all come to save the world, I realized that each of us needs to ask, “How am I supposed to save the world?  What am … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Miracle #Miracle #Miraclehealing

An Unexpected Miracle I usually share healing stories, whether miracles or amazing connections in consciousness, based on the healings that happen through me for others.  Recently, however, I decided to “practice what I preach,” and ask for healing energy on … Continue reading

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