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Palm Sunday Sermon: Whose Triumph Is It, Anyway? #palmsunday #holyweek #jesuschrist #God #peace #grace #sermon

For a change, I got to preach today, and I am so grateful.  I love preaching!!!  And I re-discovered my Jesus, and why he is Christ to me, as the message came to me.  I had no idea that there … Continue reading

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“I AM the Light of the World”

What does it mean to be the Light of the World?  Light is symbolic of so many things:  the Creative Force of the Universe, Truth, and Life, as well as healing, wisdom, knowing, understanding, compassion, love, giving, blessing, and so … Continue reading

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Suicide and Why Life Is Precious

Suicide and Why Life Is Precious If you have ever known someone who threatened, attempted, or committed suicide, you know how that event can shock your sense of balance, and raise so many questions, not only personal, but also about … Continue reading

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This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of Enlightenment

“Mornings with the Masters:  Mystical Journeys in a Postmodern World” Takes you on a journey to Enlightenment – without traveling to India! Join Rev. Carol “Anandi” Richardson as she journeys from being a rational skeptic, despite being an ordained Christian … Continue reading

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Jesus on Wealth and Money, Part III

There is another Beatitude that Jesus shared which does not appear to be directly about money, but I believe it is related, and therefore I choose to share it here.  When I was writing my first book, Aging Well ~ … Continue reading

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Jesus: On Wealth and Money, Part I

Jesus On Wealth and Money, Part I      Recently, I have been working on increasing my own spiritual understanding of wealth, income, and money.  Because I value the teachings of Jesus very highly, but because some of his teachings … Continue reading

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The Tao as a Way of Being

October 8, 2014 The Tao as a Way of Being At the beginning of September, a few friends and I started a new interfaith spiritual community:  the Self-Realization Community (not to be confused with the Self-Realization Fellowship, which is also … Continue reading

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The I AM Discourses, Discourse #2, Part 1

“The I AM Discourses” Discourse #2, Part 1 Principles: When Jesus “said: ‘I AM’ He did not refer to the outer expression, but He did refer to The Mighty Master Presence-God Within because he repeatedly said: ‘I of my self … Continue reading

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