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Forgiveness and Grace

How do we understand forgiveness and grace from the perspective of higher consciousness?  First, we need to recognize that forgiveness and grace are essential aspects of higher consciousness.  Second, we need to understand how they operate within our own consciousness … Continue reading

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Moving from Transactional to Transformational Relationships #transformation #relationships

February 21, 2017 Transformational Relationships   In the Western world of the 21st Century, we engage primarily in transactional relationships.  Each interaction we have with others is so often tinged with the underlying expectation that we will “get” something out … Continue reading

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Life in the Flow #flowstate

Life in the Flow So often, we forget that physical life is an illusion, and that actually, the Divine Presence is infusing everything and every situation with Divine Influence.  The best realization is that, when we trust the Divine to … Continue reading

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How Is My Soul Doing? #bliss #soul

Recently, a client asked me an excellent question. “How do I know how my soul is doing?” she asked. Having read many of the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda, I knew that he tells us that when we are experiencing joy, … Continue reading

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Buddha: The Wholeness of Human Nature

Human Nature Contains Everything We Need to Become Whole I do not know how this teaching, or Dharma, originally came to me.  Buddha has been teaching me for so long, that I feel uncertain as to whether he originally taught … Continue reading

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Suicide and Why Life Is Precious

Suicide and Why Life Is Precious If you have ever known someone who threatened, attempted, or committed suicide, you know how that event can shock your sense of balance, and raise so many questions, not only personal, but also about … Continue reading

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Accessing Higher Consciousness Together

What is really cool on the spiritual path?   To me, the best experience is accessing higher consciousness – the wisdom, peace, love and bliss that we can access, primarily through meditation, but also through holding very pure intentions of … Continue reading

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