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The Universe has recently been seeking to enlighten me, frontor re-enlighten me, as the case may be, about our true nature.  From multiple sources, including early morning reminders that life is just a dream as I have awakened (from dreams to awakened dreaming!), to emails from another spiritual writer, to an audio seminar by spiritual teacher Brent Phillips, as well as in readings in A Course In Miracles, the Universe has been speaking to me about our true nature, along with miracle mindedness, and the illusory dream of life.

Then, this morning, I read an article about Bernie Sanders grilling Russell Vought, nominee for Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget, about whether or not non-Christians are condemned.  Personally, I believe Bernie’s actual point was to raise the question as to whether Vought could separate church and state in order to serve as a civil servant justly upholding the law, but the way Bernie questioned Vought was itself questionable.  This political debate is, however, not the issue here.

The issue is a quote from the Bible which Vought had used in an article defending Wheaton College’s firing of a professor who stated that Muslims and Christians worship the same God.  Clearly, what I am about to write is not likely to make sense to people who believe that Christians and Muslims worship a different God, which view can only occur due to lower chakra understandings of the Bible*.

Truly enlightened understanding of ultimate truth only flourishes from the heart chakra up through the crown chakra.

The quote Vought used in the article was John 3:18, “Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.” (New International Version)  At issue here is, what does it mean to believe in the name of God’s one and only Son?

A Course In Miracles teaches that we are all the Son of God, and as I translate it, we are all the Son and Daughter of our Divine Mother/Father, and that one Offspring of God is salvific.  Christ is teaching us in A Course In Miracles, and I believe he also taught us in the original New Testament texts, that we are all Sons and Daughters of God, by virtue of attaining a certain consciousness, which I, along with Paramahansa Yogananda, would call Christ-Consciousness.  One could also refer to this elevated, or enlightened consciousness as the Buddha Mind, or enlightened consciousness.

Vought wisely responded to Bernie Sanders that all people are created in the image of God and therefore worthy of respect. That is a Christian view based on a text in Genesis, in the Torah, or Old Testament.

As souls living a human life, we are created in the Divine image, which in Genesis is also stated in the plural: “our image.”  Thus is God’s nature communal, or multiple, as in both feminine and masculine; at any rate God’s image is not stated here as singular, though it honors the Oneness of God within that “our image” concept.  Therefore, billions and billions of people can be created by God in “our image,” meaning, God’s image. I would suggest that it requires an infinite number of us in order fully to image God as humanity, and God exists infinitely beyond this human image.

Looking at ourselves as souls created in God’s image is a starting point for understanding our purpose on earth, but not a sufficient explanation of our “salvation” from the darkness, death, and decay of life on earth. We come to earth as souls separating ourselves out from the Divine Consciousness through a lowering of our vibration, i.e., “The Fall.”

We then develop an ego self as we become aware of our apparent (though not real) separateness from the Divine Self and from one another.  This separateness gives rise to pain as well as pleasure, as we experience the duality of this illusion of life in the universe, or this Maya, as it is called in Eastern thought.

We begin to awaken when we realize that we are spiritual in nature, and that this physical manifestation of the world is not the most real aspect of reality; that indeed, Spirit and manifestations of Spirit are more real and permanent than the physical world.

We become enlightened by stages as we energize our chakra system with both feminine and masculine energies as well as with love*.

As we become aware that we are one with God and one with one another, we become more and more enlightened as we then choose to live a life in service to others, and as we choose to align with Divine Will rather than our ego’s will, which appears as separate from Divine Will.  As we let go of attachment to the material world, we further attain higher degrees of enlightenment.  As we learn to perceive each and every situation as filled with Divine potential, despite the appearances or feelings we may be perceiving, then we can develop Miracle Mindedness and become One with the flow of pure potential in the Universe.

As we live for the larger purposes of the Divine Self rather than for our lower self’s purposes, we energize ourselves more and more as Divine Presence in this world.

What takes us one step further in Enlightenment, or Awakening, is becoming aware that we do not even exist as separate selves.  We are the Daughter or Son of God that God created us to be.  We are each individual manifestations of the Divine Presence, when we allow ourselves to be who we truly are, rather than our ego selves.

When we accept and choose this Divine manifestation of God-in-Us, we accept and choose the Son of God, or the Daughter of God, for we allow God to birth God’s Self in us.  This is salvific, for when we allow ourselves to empty ourselves so that God can always be manifest in us, then we no longer exist in separation, but rather in a continual state of Oneness, and in this state, we have been set free from the world of form, or duality, or Maya.

This liberation is our ultimate salvation, and it is experienced as heaven, or Nirvana, or Samadhi, here on earth and beyond.  It is Bliss.


What came crystal clear to me this morning is that “believing in the name of God’s only Son” refers to letting go of any sense of ourselves as separate beings and emptying ourselves, believing that God is birthing God’s energy/consciousness/Sonship/Daughterhood into ourselves so that God becomes manifest as us upon this earth.

Jesus also said that those who lose their lives for his sake (the sake of Christ-consciousness) will gain their lives.  In other words, if we let go of our life as separate beings who do what we want, and instead empty ourselves and let go of living life as we want, then we gain Life in God.

What better life could there be to gain than Life in God?

Who are we really?  Once we accept the Presence of God in ourselves fully, we become fully Daughters and Sons of God, forever, because that is who we already are; we just need to remember ourselves as that!

May we all accept our Buddha-nature, or Christ-Consciousness, or the Presence of the Divine in our emptiness.  May we all, like the most God-Realized soul I have had the privilege to meet, Dada J.P. Vaswani, realize that we are nothing and that God is All.

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

*For an explanation of how lower chakras effect our views of the Bible, please see my new book:  Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth



About selfrealizationtherapy

I am a healer, life coach, author, and spiritual teacher. While I am ordained in the Christian tradition, I have also studied Eastern spiritual disciplines and practices, including Raja Yoga Meditation; Intuitive Coaching; Reiki; Falun Gong; and other forms of energy healing for both people and animals. I am available for distance healing and spiritual coaching via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facetime; please email me at: to schedule a session. My goal is to assist you in connecting with your Higher Self to find fulfillment, peace, health, and happiness in life. I typically work with people for about six weeks, and then they either take classes with me and advance more, or simply go their happy way. While I cannot guarantee results, many clients find that in a few short weeks, more is accomplished than could be with years of traditional talk therapy. Born on the equator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I grew up moving back-and-forth between Africa and the United States my whole childhood and youth. We lived in three different countries in Africa, and three different states in the USA. I now live in Maryland, close to Washington, DC. I was widowed at the age of 28 when my 34-year-old husband died suddenly of a cerebral aneurysm that hemorrhaged, leaving me with an infant and a toddler. This crisis led me to believe that God loves us even when "bad" things happen, and also led me to pursue spirituality and become a minister. In 1996, thanks to "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda, and a meditation class called Raja Yoga, I started on an Eastern spiritual path, a journey which included becoming a healer and a mystic. On Thursday, May 27, 2010, I experienced what I call an Enlightenment Vision, in which I ascended and was blessed by Ascended Masters of many faiths: Master Lao Tzu, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, High Priest Melchizedek, Lady Kwan Yin, Master Usui, and then by the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays. After this vision, the teachings in Higher Consciousness began. Apparently, my crown chakra was opened, and direct contact with the Ascended Masters has been possible ever since. My message to everyone is: this is possible for you to achieve as well, although getting there is not necessarily quick or easy. With a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Texas Health Center at Houston, and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Texas Christian University, I perceive a unity in my readings in Eastern religions and in Biblical studies. As a result, I believe the original message of Jesus Christ was and is a call to Self-Realization, which may also be called following The Way (a term used in the book of Acts by very early "Christians," although they did not call themselves "Christians;" they called themselves Followers of the Way. The Way, or the Tao consists of the practice of peace and love in every moment, honoring the Divine Presence within ourselves as well as within others. The Way of early Christianity was a spiritual practice which similarly focused not on the material world, but on the practice of Divine Presence within the earthly realm. When we practice The Way, or The Tao, we become one with Divine Peace, Love, and even bliss. When we attain this, we experience the "Kingdom of God" or Reign of God, within ourselves, Nirvana or possibly Samadhi. Achieving this Way within each of ourselves is the only way we will be able to usher in the Reign of Divine presence among us all here on earth. The ultimate goal of The Way, and of Self-Realization, is the attainment of unity with the Divine Consciousness, or Buddha-Consciousness or Christ-Consciousness, within, and beyond our normal mortal mind. This Unity-Consciousness is eternal, but begins in the here and now. May it be so.
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