The Voice of God? Or Our Own Conscience? #hearingGod #conscience #voiceofGod

The following is a copyrighted excerpt from my upcoming book, Truth and Illusion: The Politics of Spirituality and How One Person’s Lie Is Another One’s Truth…..

The throat chakra is the seat of clairaudience, or being able to hear higher guidance.  This is an audio version of intuition instead of the feeling-based intuitions that each chakra has been sensing up to this point.  The throat chakra’s intuitive ability arises through language and the ability to hear our own inner guidance.  Clairaudience evolves all the way from our basic ability to hear the voice of our own conscience,[1] to psychic abilities, to the ability to hear divine guidance through higher beings (angels, for example) all the way to being able to hear “the voice of God.

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The intuitive ability of the throat chakra advances as we advance spiritually.  One can, instead, become schizophrenic either through drug use or through an experience of emotional trauma, either of which can energetically blow open the chakras, as mentioned before.[2]  In the case of the throat chakra, blowing it open leaves one vulnerable to hearing the voices of disembodied spirits, and unless one has very pure intentions, one may draw unsavory spirits to oneself, and hear “crazy” voices.[3]  The murderer known as “Son of Sam,” who believed that he heard a demon in his neighbor’s dog tell him to kill people, would most likely be one example of this.

The reason that we so often do not trust people who say that they heard God speak to them is that so very few of us are emotionally, mentally, and spiritually evolved enough to do so!  In other words, few of us are so evolved that our throat chakras are completely energized with both masculine and feminine energies, and also purely and potently energized with love rather than fear.  To arrive at this point where we have achieved the true spiritual maturity to hear the voice of God is rare indeed. Until that point, we hear the voice of our own conscience, which reflects only the very best of our own chakra development, or perhaps one level beyond where we find ourselves currently.

Signs that one truthfully hears the voice of God would include the mature, loving worldview of each preceding chakra:

  • Root: all of humanity is part of one big family in which everyone is worthy of being loved, protected, and supported in life;
  • Sacral: justice, equality, fairness, and self-reliance balanced with cooperative sharing of both power and resources are all paramount virtues for human life;
  • Solar Plexus: freedom of individual self-expression, personal responsibility, and interdependence are foundational for healthy human relationships;
  • Heart: unconditional love, non-judgment, compassion, and generosity are fundamental qualities of Divine Love.

Any “truth” attributed to the “voice of God” that does not inherently resonate with all these chakra characteristics would not reflect the highest spiritual understandings of the “voice of God.”  Until one develops through the chakra system, the teachings one perceives as coming from God simply resonate with the “truths” that one is ready to hear based on one’s own level of chakra development.

May we all practice more spiritual disciplines so that we will develop our ability to hear higher guidance!

Love and Light,

Carol “Anandi”

[1] The voice of our own conscience depends on our level of chakra development, which determines to a large degree our level of vibration in terms of spiritual or subtle energy.  Our level of vibration determines the morality with which we resonate or fail to resonate, and thus determines what we are “able to hear” as moral guidance. Our own conscience will only tell us what we are able to hear, and that is usually only at our current vibratory level or perhaps one vibratory level higher.  (The chakras represent our vibratory levels as well.)

[2] I fully realize that this is neither a medical nor a psychiatric etiology for psychopathology.  However, energetic sensitivity through and excessive openness of the chakras can lead to hearing other voices, as well as to the negative influence of other energies including excessive psychic control by other people.  Ultimately, I agree with the teaching that I learned through my Progressive Counselling training in England:  all mental illness is a form or spiritual cop-out (giving up), or, I would add, occurs because of a spiritual crisis.  The physiological and chemical expressions follow the energetic patterns of the person’s spiritual state, which can also be created through karma, whether past-life, or otherwise.  When karmic patterns come through past-life carry-overs, modern science generally labels these “genetic predispositions.”  I would suggest that both are true: karma and genetics are intertwined.

[3] For those of us who do not believe in disembodied spirits, I simply invite us to practice multiple spiritual disciplines, especially pure meditation, until we have fully developed all seven chakras, and attained full enlightenment.  At the level of mature throat or brow chakra development, we can begin to encounter higher consciousness more clearly.  Our sense of truth, and therefore of what is real, evolves with our chakra development, including our experiences of higher beings, as well as of souls who have passed on.  I speak from my experiences working with people in ministry as well as working with clients. (Pure meditation refers to two specific techniques in Raja Yoga Meditation.)


About selfrealizationtherapy

I am a healer, life coach, author, and spiritual teacher. While I am ordained in the Christian tradition, I have also studied Eastern spiritual disciplines and practices, including Raja Yoga Meditation; Intuitive Coaching; Reiki; Falun Gong; and other forms of energy healing for both people and animals. I am available for distance healing and spiritual coaching via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facetime; please email me at: to schedule a session. My goal is to assist you in connecting with your Higher Self to find fulfillment, peace, health, and happiness in life. I typically work with people for about six weeks, and then they either take classes with me and advance more, or simply go their happy way. While I cannot guarantee results, many clients find that in a few short weeks, more is accomplished than could be with years of traditional talk therapy. Born on the equator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I grew up moving back-and-forth between Africa and the United States my whole childhood and youth. We lived in three different countries in Africa, and three different states in the USA. I now live in Maryland, close to Washington, DC. I was widowed at the age of 28 when my 34-year-old husband died suddenly of a cerebral aneurysm that hemorrhaged, leaving me with an infant and a toddler. This crisis led me to believe that God loves us even when "bad" things happen, and also led me to pursue spirituality and become a minister. In 1996, thanks to "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda, and a meditation class called Raja Yoga, I started on an Eastern spiritual path, a journey which included becoming a healer and a mystic. On Thursday, May 27, 2010, I experienced what I call an Enlightenment Vision, in which I ascended and was blessed by Ascended Masters of many faiths: Master Lao Tzu, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, High Priest Melchizedek, Lady Kwan Yin, Master Usui, and then by the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays. After this vision, the teachings in Higher Consciousness began. Apparently, my crown chakra was opened, and direct contact with the Ascended Masters has been possible ever since. My message to everyone is: this is possible for you to achieve as well, although getting there is not necessarily quick or easy. With a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Texas Health Center at Houston, and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Texas Christian University, I perceive a unity in my readings in Eastern religions and in Biblical studies. As a result, I believe the original message of Jesus Christ was and is a call to Self-Realization, which may also be called following The Way (a term used in the book of Acts by very early "Christians," although they did not call themselves "Christians;" they called themselves Followers of the Way. The Way, or the Tao consists of the practice of peace and love in every moment, honoring the Divine Presence within ourselves as well as within others. The Way of early Christianity was a spiritual practice which similarly focused not on the material world, but on the practice of Divine Presence within the earthly realm. When we practice The Way, or The Tao, we become one with Divine Peace, Love, and even bliss. When we attain this, we experience the "Kingdom of God" or Reign of God, within ourselves, Nirvana or possibly Samadhi. Achieving this Way within each of ourselves is the only way we will be able to usher in the Reign of Divine presence among us all here on earth. The ultimate goal of The Way, and of Self-Realization, is the attainment of unity with the Divine Consciousness, or Buddha-Consciousness or Christ-Consciousness, within, and beyond our normal mortal mind. This Unity-Consciousness is eternal, but begins in the here and now. May it be so.
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