My Visit with Dada JP Vaswani, the Indian Saint

My Visit with Dada JP Vaswani, the Indian Saint

May 31, 2015

At the Book Expo America, I was invited to meet Dada by two beautiful souls, Anita and her husband Naresh, who also invited me to give a copy of my book to Dada, as well as to write his biography.  Dada is 97 years old, and to them, he is an incarnation of God.  I now believe them.

As I drove to New Jersey from New York City to meet Dada in the home of one of his followers, I sensed a connection between us, and became aware of the immensity of his sacrifice.  Dada has lived his entire life for others, not for himself, and thus gave up everything for which most people live. What he has received in return is worth far more value than anything and everything else for which people ordinarily choose to live.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Anita and Naresh, and introduced to our gracious host.  I was given Indian food, and joined at the table by Dada’s assistant, whose name is, I believe, Sandhya.  She asked me questions about myself and about writing a biography of Dada.  She had a lovely suggestion of making it about the topics from his talk on the Seven Colors of Love (which include forgiveness, peace, and so on).

Next, I met a young woman (well, forty-ish now) who had written a biography of Dada when she was only 28.  She shared that she felt a new perspective on Dada and his life was needed – a “more mature perspective from someone outside the community.”

After a short while, I was led up a beautiful stairway in this mansion, to meet Dada in the grand loft area near the stairs.  I was invited to sit in a chair close to him, while everyone else knelt or sat on the carpeted floor.  A camera had been set-up to videotape the visit.

Dada was most gracious and humble.  A true saint, Dada says of himself, “I am nothing.”  When he speaks, wisdom speaks.  Every word he says is a pearl of wisdom, and every sentence he utters forms a string of pearls, many-layered with deep perceptions of Truth, and many-hued with rainbow reflections of Divine Truth.  Looking into Dada’s eyes was like looking into the eyes of Infinite Love, like looking into the eyes of God.

One of the main things I learned from Dada was humility.

I shared with him that, while I was driving from NYC to NJ to see him, I connected with him intuitively and sensed the great sacrifices he had made throughout his life.  Dada replied that he had made no sacrifice, for “to sacrifice, one must go out of one’s way, and I did not go out of my way.”

I gave Dada “my” book (really it is “our” book, written with the Ascended Masters).  He read the inscription.  I do not remember him saying anything.  I know that at some point, I explained that I was guided by the Ascended Masters.

He answered my questions, one of which was “What is needed most at this time?” by saying that what is needed now more than anything else is truth, and for people to live the truth.  He said that we do not need to read the truth in books or to engage in intellectual study of the truth, but rather, that we need to live the Truth.  I know that he was speaking to me, and that he was aware that I know much Truth, but that I need to live it 100%.  Dada said that people do not need to learn to open their minds, for they have done that, rather, we need to learn to open our hearts.

When I asked about a writing his biography, Dada affirmed, “I am nothing.” When I pointed out that Paramahansa Yogananda’s autobiography has been so helpful to millions of people, Dada recommended writing a biography of his guru.  He said that better than reading and writing books would be to live the Truth.

Dada also told me that we are not the body.  The body is not our True Self, and that when people think they are the body, the desire to care for the body leads to problems.  I don’t remember his precise words, but the message I heard in essence was that, when we seek our bodily needs first, it leads us to greed, lust/objectification of others, selfishness, etc.

Dada also answered a question which I had wondered before the visit, but which I never asked out loud.  He told me that no one else can help me attain Omni-consciousness, or the omnipresent consciousness of God.  In fact, I had three questions to which I knew that I needed answers on my spiritual path, and even though I did not ask Dada any of those three essential questions, he answered all three.

Dada told me not to seek to earn a living, not to seek a job; that people needed to learn not to seek to earn a living.  I replied that this is a hard lesson in America.  I don’t remember his exact reply, but he did not make any exception for us here.

In-between points of conversation, Dada and I looked into each other’s eyes, and I felt the flow of Divine Love not only to me, but also through me for Dada.  The intention I was holding was to love and appreciate and bless him, in part because he was 97 and seemed so frail.  It was as though we were held in the Infinite Love of the Divine.

I can’t remember what we said that initiated a discussion of blessing him (I may have asked something about how could I bless him), but Dada asked me to bless him by praying for him to become the Blue Lotus Feet of God when he dies.

I said I’d like to be the cushion on which the Blue Lotus Feet rest.  He replied that he would like to be the “cotton inside the cushion.”  I replied that I would like to be the floor on which the cushion rested.

At some point, Dada spoke about “me” both to me and to his followers.  He said that, although I had done nothing to deserve it, the Masters had chosen me.  He reiterated this to his devotees.  He also said that I am one who speaks with God (that’s how I remember hearing it).

He said to me, “You are blessed.”  I said, “I am blessed!”

Dada said that he did not want me to leave; he wanted me to stay.

Dada told his devotees that every step a soul like me takes is blessed.  He asked them, “Where did you find this soul?”  After being told they found me at the Book Expo, Dada said, “Such souls have a way of being found.”

He then spoke about Thales the Greek philosopher’s concept of his three blessings:  being born human rather than an animal; being born a man rather than a woman, and being born a citizen rather than a villager.  By comparison, Dada offered Shankaracharya’s three blessings:  being born human rather than an animal, desiring liberation (he spoke some words in Sindhi including some variation of Moksha – the final liberation of the soul from the cycle of re-birth), and finally something which I was later told was tattva darshan,[1] which apparently meant that I have sight of true gurus who protect, guide, and care for me, and Dada looked at me and said, “You are that.”

The room went silent.  We were swimming in awe or glory or grace – some such Divine energy seemed present to me.

I felt so awed and humbled.  I felt so affirmed by Dada, as though he was seeing the Divine in me.  I have since found two websites that explain the Shankaracharya statement that Dada quoted.  Shankaracharya said that there are three rare blessings:  to be born human, to have the desire for liberation, and to be protected and guided by a perfected teacher/saint.  So, Dada was recognizing me as someone who has a desire for liberation and is protected and guided by the Ascended Masters.

Dada asked if I was part of a spiritual community.  I told him that we had started one last fall, and I believe he replied, “Good.”

I asked Dada if I could touch his hands, and with the remark that his hands are my hands, he gave me his hands, and I held them briefly, intending blessing, love, and healing for this 97-year-old man.  I held his hands for a few moments.  Then I remarked, “My joy is complete.”

Dada told me, “You must go beyond joy.”

I asked, “What is beyond joy?” thinking that Dada might reply “truth.”  However, Dada replied, “Bliss.”  I believe I knew what he meant.  Joy still has some attachment to being on this earth plane, but bliss goes way beyond all attachment.  Bliss is the liberated state.

Dada commented that he did not want me to leave.

I told him that I would love to stay but that I was staying with my niece and would need to drive to her home.  I now wish I had asked if I could stay, but at the time, I couldn’t imagine imposing more on my niece, nor imposing on the host in whose home we were meeting.

After a few moments, Dada said, “I suppose you need to drive.”

After this beautiful, priceless interchange, Dada instructed one follower, who was ready with a gift bag, to give me some chocolates.  And so, after receiving the sublime gift of Darshan with Dada, I also received two of my favorite earthly foods: chocolate and almonds.  What an afterthought of heavenliness on the earth plane after heavenliness on the heavenly plane!

As I got up to leave, Dada commented, “You wanted to touch my hands, but I would like to touch your feet,” and he reached down towards my feet with his hands.  I was speechless, for this is a gesture recognizing Divine Presence in another.  My joy was indeed complete!

Love, Light, Peace, and Bliss to you!

Carol “Anandi” (an Enlightened friend recently christened me “Anandi.”)

[1] For comparison, please see: and also: (“With My Love & Blessings,” by Eknath Easwaran, p. 178)

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