The Nature of Consciousness

Consciousness is undivided.

True consciousness has no divisions in it; everything is the I AM expressed in one form or another.  The Aum which is the vibratory essence of creation was sent forth as the Shakti energy, intimately connected with the I AM, the essence of Shiva, the consciousness of all that is.

Sometimes people experience the connections of consciousness across time and space, beyond one body/mind/spirit being and into or with another mind/body/spirit being, whether human or otherwise.   Psychics, intuitives, psychic intuitives, shaman, energy healers, and those who have attained enlightenment, all experience “knowing” which cannot be explained to the rational mind.  Too many of us experience this to dismiss it, except out of ignorance or fear.

Most of the time, we human beings experience dis-connection, separation, limitation and “personal point of view” as our own conscious experiences.  That is largely due to choosing to limit our awareness to the talk which happens in our left brains.  Our left brain awareness is mostly rational, self-oriented, analytical, and verbal.  (For an excellent expression of right-brain and left brain consciousness, please see Dr. Jill Bolte-Taylor’s video on TEDTalk or her book by the same title:  My Stroke of Insight.)

Our right brains are more visionary and connected, but we teach children in our culture to be left-brain dominant in most schools.  Think for a moment, if you will, how little time is spent in music, art, and drama at schools, especially now in the days of budget cut-backs.  Most of us have our creativity stifled to some degree, and have therefore not learned to trust it.

While Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” we are taught to dis-trust imagination, for it is not a left-brain activity, and is therefore, not rational.

However, consciousness consists of more than just rationality: even in our own minds consciousness consists of perceptual signals such as light, pain, color, pleasure, as well as feelings such as grief, joy, happiness, and emotions such as love and fear. We also experience intuitive flashes of inspiration, such as that great idea that pops into our heads, or music that seems to create itself within us, or visions of what could appear on a canvas, or visions of what could be created through owning a business or through teaching a class.  We experience creative consciousness within us.  We experience visionary consciousness within us.  Some of us even have mystical visions as well.

Consciousness comes in many forms, yet it is never limited by any one form in which it is expressed, because all consciousness remains connected to its Source:  the Divine Consciousness which is eternal and beyond the limits of this universe of form.  All consciousness remains part of the Aum which is the vibration of Shakti dancing with Shiva through the universe, or the Divine Mother/Father “speaking” reality into being. Or perhaps Shiva and Shakti are not only dancing but also singing the universe into being, or at least chanting life into being. Shiva speaks, Shakti sings, and together they dance worlds into being.

When our consciousness becomes increasingly open to and then attuned to Divine Consciousness, we are able increasingly to perceive the unity of all being, and of all consciousness, without limit, and without divisions.  The separation is an illusion; a temporary construct, if you will, in order to enable us to attain mastery of our own consciousness.  Ultimately, when that mastery is attained we become aware of larger consciousness and we discover the truth:  We are all One.

When I wrote my last blog post, and shared my experiences of the consciousness of different aspects of the universe, my left brain thought of my experiences as “crazy.”  My right brain just accepted these experiences as real.

I confess to feeling some comfort, delight, and gratitude as I read this description of Christ-Consciousness in the glossary (by the Self-Realization Fellowship) in Paramahansa Yogananda’s Where There Is Light:  “Christ Consciousness is the projected consciousness of God immanent in all creation.  In Christian scripture it is called the “only begotten son,” the only pure reflection of the Father; in Hindu scripture it is called Kutastha Chaitanya, the cosmic intelligence of Spirit everywhere present in creation.  It is the universal consciousness, oneness with God, manifested by Jesus, Krishna, and other avatars.  Great saints and yogis know it as the state of samadhi meditation wherein their consciousness has become identified with the intelligence in every particle in creation; they feel the entire universe as their own body.”  (p. 195)

Apparently, I was having an experience of Samadhi, but did not know it.  This is why I share what I experience, so that it will become more common knowledge in our culture, and people will seek these experiences and learn from them, without wondering if they are “crazy.”

This morning, I again experienced bliss during my meditation, or perhaps, directly at the end of my meditation.  I was affirming that I would balance that pearl of great price (see earlier blog post) in my crown chakra, except the words that formed in my consciousness were:  “I will balance that egg.”  Immediately, I heard, “You’d better balance that egg or you will have egg in your face!”  What bliss to have a joke about the difference between ego-consciousness and enlightened consciousness come through my crown chakra!  I felt blissful humor – which is beyond any humor I have felt before.  Apparently, according to this same glossary, Samadhi is ecstasy and “superconscious experience.” (p. 200)

I hope to attain full Samadhi someday.  I know that Paramahansa-ji distinguishes between Samadhi that is attained during meditation, and Samadhi which lasts continually.

For now, the affirmation I find helpful today is:  I empty myself, and I AM.

May you be blessed with Love and Light,


May the Joy and Love of Angels Grace Your Day

May the Joy and Love of Angels Grace Your Day


About selfrealizationtherapy

I am a healer, life coach, author, and spiritual teacher. While I am ordained in the Christian tradition, I have also studied Eastern spiritual disciplines and practices, including Raja Yoga Meditation; Intuitive Coaching; Reiki; Falun Gong; and other forms of energy healing for both people and animals. I am available for distance healing and spiritual coaching via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facetime; please email me at: to schedule a session. My goal is to assist you in connecting with your Higher Self to find fulfillment, peace, health, and happiness in life. I typically work with people for about six weeks, and then they either take classes with me and advance more, or simply go their happy way. While I cannot guarantee results, many clients find that in a few short weeks, more is accomplished than could be with years of traditional talk therapy. Born on the equator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I grew up moving back-and-forth between Africa and the United States my whole childhood and youth. We lived in three different countries in Africa, and three different states in the USA. I now live in Maryland, close to Washington, DC. I was widowed at the age of 28 when my 34-year-old husband died suddenly of a cerebral aneurysm that hemorrhaged, leaving me with an infant and a toddler. This crisis led me to believe that God loves us even when "bad" things happen, and also led me to pursue spirituality and become a minister. In 1996, thanks to "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda, and a meditation class called Raja Yoga, I started on an Eastern spiritual path, a journey which included becoming a healer and a mystic. On Thursday, May 27, 2010, I experienced what I call an Enlightenment Vision, in which I ascended and was blessed by Ascended Masters of many faiths: Master Lao Tzu, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, High Priest Melchizedek, Lady Kwan Yin, Master Usui, and then by the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays. After this vision, the teachings in Higher Consciousness began. Apparently, my crown chakra was opened, and direct contact with the Ascended Masters has been possible ever since. My message to everyone is: this is possible for you to achieve as well, although getting there is not necessarily quick or easy. With a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Texas Health Center at Houston, and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Texas Christian University, I perceive a unity in my readings in Eastern religions and in Biblical studies. As a result, I believe the original message of Jesus Christ was and is a call to Self-Realization, which may also be called following The Way (a term used in the book of Acts by very early "Christians," although they did not call themselves "Christians;" they called themselves Followers of the Way. The Way, or the Tao consists of the practice of peace and love in every moment, honoring the Divine Presence within ourselves as well as within others. The Way of early Christianity was a spiritual practice which similarly focused not on the material world, but on the practice of Divine Presence within the earthly realm. When we practice The Way, or The Tao, we become one with Divine Peace, Love, and even bliss. When we attain this, we experience the "Kingdom of God" or Reign of God, within ourselves, Nirvana or possibly Samadhi. Achieving this Way within each of ourselves is the only way we will be able to usher in the Reign of Divine presence among us all here on earth. The ultimate goal of The Way, and of Self-Realization, is the attainment of unity with the Divine Consciousness, or Buddha-Consciousness or Christ-Consciousness, within, and beyond our normal mortal mind. This Unity-Consciousness is eternal, but begins in the here and now. May it be so.
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