The Original “Enlightenment Vision” I Experienced in 2010

Hello, everyone,

for those of you who are new to the blog, and who don’t know how I came to be having these visions, I would like to share the background leading up to these visions.  I studied Raja Yoga meditation in the fall of 1996, learned Kriya Yoga about two years later, and have been practicing both ever since.  The teachings of this path of yoga (which actually means “union,” as in, “union with the Divine”) state that one who practices these techniques will raise the spiritual energies up their spine and hence open their brow chakra, and eventually their crown chakra.  Everyone who practices these forms of meditation with love and devotion and a yogic lifestyle can achieve these states of consciousness.  

For the benefit of those who seek, I share my experiences….The writing below represents where I was over three years ago.  Now, for instance, I would use the term Buddha-Consciousness interchangeably with the term Christ-Consciousness.  May you live in a state of peace, love, and bliss….


Background to the Enlightenment Vision


I feel the time has come to share the vision which I received on May 27, 2010.  First, however, I need to share a little background to it.  It helps if one understands that, a few times in the past few years, when I have meditated, I have risen up a column of foggy white light, to a circular opening, around which the Enlightened Masters sit in a circle.  I felt so honored, these few times that I would get to rise up to just below their feet, even though all I could see was their feet, and maybe the edge of some white robes.  Above their feet, the foggy, white light blocked my view of them.

Recently, I shared the lesson of the meaning of the spiritual warrior.  It was so significant that with that lesson, I made the shift away from being a victim, to being a spiritual warrior.   I believe it was the day after making that shift, that during my meditation time, I had a vision in which I got to rise up to stand with the Ascended Masters, and Paramahansa Yogananda himself smiled at me and threw his arms around me and gave me a big hug!


This was really, hugely significant to me, for several reasons.  First, I had long wondered whether or not Paramahansa Yogananda would accept me, since folks at the spiritual centre where I studied seemed to consider my feminist values to be coming from ego, particularly my passion for gender-inclusive language.  And of course, writing in India and America of the early 20th Century, Paramahansa Yogananda could or would only use gender-exclusive language, as was the custom, despite his devotion to the Divine Mother.  Second, I had been re-reading Autobiography of a Yogi, and was feeling guided by Paramahansa to invite others to learn about and to experience the path to Self-Realization.


Well, and of course, the vision was huge because he smiled at me and hugged me!  Lastly, the vision seemed especially significant in that I got to stand at the feet of the Masters.  Wow!  What an honor, not in an ego sense, just in the sense of recognition of the reality of the journey of my soul.  That feels absolutely humbling, by the way, because one realizes that one has not gained worthiness, but that one has been made worthy, by emptying oneself.


So, then, the Tuesday before Thursday, May 27th, I made another shift.  Life was looking harder than ever.  Again, I was faced with the question, “how am I going to pay the rent?” 

On Monday, I had just received in the mail a letter from the IRS stating that I owed penalty taxes on the corporation I started last year to sell health products on a website that never sold anything, because I didn’t know the filing deadline for corporations was before the filing deadline for individuals, and I filed late.  I knew I did not have that money on hand, let alone the rent.  I did not yet know if I was going to have even a part-time job during the summer; I had no predictable, visible income in sight.


First, though, that Monday evening, I had a healing scheduled with my one regular client this year.  She’s a lovely young woman who’s a resident physician, about to go off and become an attending somewhere.  For the first time, I shared with her a little about my situation.  She said to me, “You’re such a gifted healer!  You need to stop being so timid and put yourself out there.  You should contact yoga centers in Saugatuck and South Haven and see if you can teach meditation there in the summer when they have tourists!” 


What a needed affirmation!  So many people I know, including friends, simply don’t believe there’s any benefit to the energy healing work that I do.  As a matter of fact, most of the people I know don’t understand the benefit of it.  So, I have spent most of my time speaking to deaf ears, feeling so unnecessary in the lives of others, while knowing that my gifts have been buried by the darkness around me.  Not any darkness close to me, nor associated with me in anyway, but just the darkness of spiritual blindness and materialistic mindsets and lack of faith – whether in God, or in me. 


What a painful place that has been in which to live.  But all the while, I have known the truth of my healing client’s words:  “You’re such a gifted healer!”  I am so grateful that she spoke those words out loud, and to me, for it is the recognition of the gift of God which is within me, not the recognition of myself, but of God through me.


Then, when I shared with my healing client that I had started this website, but that I really felt that God did not want me to be doing it, but it was kind of late now, because I had already started it, she simply said, “If you think that God doesn’t want you doing it, then why are you doing it?” 


Oh, now that was helpful.  Very direct, and very helpful.  Sometimes the right question is all we need to hear.  


So, I decided the next day, Tuesday, that I would stop doing the website.  So, I called the merchant processing solutions through my bank, and they told me that it would cost $295 in early termination fees, but to go ahead and send a fax. 


Oh, dear, $295 on top of whatever the IRS wants and I had no idea where to find that money, let alone to pay the rent.  And I really wanted to find a way to afford to get down to Texas for my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary and my niece’s wedding.  How was any of this going to happen?  Especially since I still did not know if I was going to be working even part time during the summer.


This challenge looked worse than anything I had ever experienced in my life.  It looked so awful, I decided it was amazing.  And once I decided that this was an amazing challenge, I decided I just had to enjoy it.  There was nothing else to do!  This challenge was simply so amazing, why not marvel at it and tackle it with relish?  So I did.


Well, the next day, Wednesday, I found out that I would be able to work part time during the summer.  I also went to my bank, to send the fax to cancel the merchant services, and there the business account manager told me she could cancel the termination fees once they hit my account! 

I haven’t yet called the IRS, but I trust that God and I will somehow manage that one also.  How funny that things just began to smooth out!


Lately, for the last few weeks, there have been times of absurdity in my life, and at those times, I felt and heard someone or myself, maybe, inside me, laughing.  Again, I heard, sensed, and felt, an inner laughter.


And then, on Thursday, I sat to meditate in the middle of the day – one of the best luxuries of working only part-time.  I was transported in a vision more remarkable than any I have ever had before.  This vision took all the visions I’ve ever had, and even added altogether, surpassed them entirely. 

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Enlightenment Vision


On Thursday, May 27, 2010, I received the gift of the most blessed vision I have ever received.  As I took time for a mid-day meditation, I had a vision in which I once again got to rise to stand with the Ascended Masters.  At first, I could not see them.  So, I prayed, “Please let me see the truth of your being.  Please let me see the truth of your being with me.”


I don’t rightly know how the words for that particular prayer came to me; those were just the words I needed most at that time, and so they came to me, as what we most truly need always comes to us when we are in line with the divine will.


In the vision, immediately after I prayed, a man with an Asian appearance greeted me with the folded hands and bowed head of ‘Namaste.’  As I tried to bow to his feet, first signaling recognition of an Enlightened One by raising my hands above my head in prayer position, then to my forehead, then to my heart in Namaste, he shook his head “no,” and bowed again in Namaste, as if to tell me just to return the greeting of Namaste as though I was an equal. 


There was a pause, while I soaked in this recognition of equality with an overwhelmed and grateful heart.


Next, Mother Mary appeared to me.  I have prayed to her many times to ask her for assistance when I do healing work, as well as often times before my meditations.  Mother Mary gave me a rose, and said to me, “A sign of the sacred feminine within you.” 


Mary Magdalene greeted me, and I asked if we could be sisters.  (I have no idea why this particular prayer was my request, but again, it must have been the one that was needed.)  Mary Magdalene answered, “Yes, as long as you will let me live inside you.”  In other words, I am to make space for her divine presence by being emptied of myself.


Jesus appeared, although I could not really tell you what he “looked” like.  He took this idea of emptying myself further.  When I realized that Jesus was with me, tears began to stream down my cheeks on my physical body, not just in the vision.  Jesus placed a mantle on my shoulders – I could feel its weight; it was like white cotton or linen, but with a substance to it, representing responsibility for others. 


I told Jesus that I would like to follow him, and he took me up into the blue sky, and pointed up into the blue sky as if telling me that I needed to be willing to become a little point in the blue.  I told him that I understood his point (no pun intended.)  In other words, I must dissolve myself into the greatness of God.  


Paramahansa Yogananda told me he would work with me.  I am particularly grateful for this promise, because I need his help in bringing through the concept of Self-Realization in this culture, and in this time. 


Buddha laughed and revealed that it has been he who has been laughing inside my head to get me to laugh at myself.  Buddha told me to keep laughing at myself. 


I asked to see and to give thanks to the Reiki Masters, and an Asian man, perhaps the one responsible for bringing through Reiki, appeared and bowed in Namaste to me.  I could not see all seven of the Reiki Masters, although of course, Jesus and Mother Mary and Buddha are three of them.  I also asked to see the angels and archangels who help me with healing.  I did not directly see angels as we conceive of them (as people with wings), but I saw and sensed pure light, which was precious beyond words to convey.  I was told, “Welcome to the Seven Rays.”  Although I know that there are Seven Masters and Seven Rays of light in Reiki, I really had no idea what this statement to me meant.

 So, I asked, “What does that mean?”.  The answer I heard was:  “You have become someone who is capable of holding all Seven Rays, and of being a channel of the rays for others.” 


An elegant Asian lady, whom I believe to be Lady Kwan Yin, came to me and with her own thumb, anointed or marked my Third Eye with a red dot or oval.  Thank you, Sacred Lady.  Lady Kwan Yin is one of the Reiki Masters.


I asked to see High Priest Melchizedek, because he is one of the Reiki Masters, and also because, according to the Bible, Jesus is ordained in the priesthood of Melchizedek.  I have been told by a human being that Catholic priests are ordained into this priesthood, and maybe Episcopalians as well, but not other Protestant clergy. 


High Priest Melchizedek appeared, looking very kingly, “so that I would recognize him,” he told me when I asked him why he was dressed that way.  I asked him if my ordination was in his line, and he replied, “No, but it can be.”  He then poured oil over my head, to make me “An Anointed One.”  I was so grateful, I tried to hug his feet, but I was told not to do that, for the divine presence is in me as well.  Tears of joy streamed down my face.


I realized that ordination in the line of Melchizedek represents far more than what ordination has been reduced to in both the Protestant and the Catholic traditions, as well as in Christianity in general.  The Ordination I received from High Priest Melchizedek was to become an Anointed One, that is, a Christ Presence on Earth.  This is the same concept as Self-Realization and God-Realization in Hindu thought, or becoming Awakened and a manifestation of Buddha himself in Buddhism. 


Tears were streaming down my face as I came back into my body.  Then, I got to leave it briefly to be part of the blue sky, looking down upon the earth, which is apparently the same as being part of the Sacred Heart of God, for I got to look at Mother Earth with divine love for all people, for the earth, for all life.


And then I was back in my body again.  O Divine Love, I thank you, I praise you, I seek you with all that I am!  To our Divine Father/Mother be the praise and the glory for this vision.  Om and Amen. 


May Love Bless You.

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The Threshold: Since the Enlightenment Vision


For a few days after the Enlightenment Vision I had on May 27, 2010, I felt a sense of peace, deepened faith, and great joy.  I felt as though I knew that God was actually part of every moment of my life, and that everything would be okay, even when it wasn’t easy, or fun, or even ‘safe.’


Buddha still laughed within me, and I find that laugh so reassuring!   I think I’m learning what it means to ‘work directly with the angels,’ as Jesus told me to do. 


It was four days before I shared the vision with anyone, and then I shared it with two women friends who came over for Memorial Day, and I thanked them for celebrating my Feast Day with me.   I am so grateful for the vision that I needed to celebrate and give thanks for it, and it helped to share the celebration with friends who did not tell me that I was delusional. 


Nonetheless, having a vision like that is not an easy thing to live with; one does not just wake up a completely different person the next day.  I still have the same 51-year-old body, and the same desire to stay up late and sleep in, and so on.


As I began to struggle with a sense of disconnection with the Presence of the Divine within me, I kept hearing a voice in my head (either an angel or an Enlightened One) saying, “Pranayamas, pranayamas!” 


I know from reading Autobiography of a Yogi that pranayamas are certain types of breath-work that help one attain enlightenment or accomplish miracles or something amazing, but I clearly don’t have a sense of what they are, how to do them, or what they will do.  I kept feeling guided to be aware of breathing in prana through my first six chakras each time I breathe, whenever I needed to connect.  When I do so, it feels as though my body becomes less substantial and more ethereal. 


I tried checking online for pranayamas, but did not feel content with the results of my first search.  Perhaps listening to the angels is meant to be more direct connection than internet/cyber connection. 


I started to feel as though I was not maintaining that connection with Presence, due to not listening and asking to be guided in every moment of every day.


So, Thursday one week after the vision, I prayed to be shown how to work with the angels directly.  Then I met a friend at lunch, and she was the third person with whom I shared the vision.  She was very excited for me and with me about the vision.  I told her I was concerned that people would not understand the significance of it, and that it seems to be about enlightenment and attaining Christ-Consciousness.  I believe she understood and accepted this significance. 


Later that afternoon, the angels started teaching me.  Since I felt that I had not done well at maintaining Christ-Consciousness since the vision, first they taught me the relationship between Enlightenment and Christ-Consciousness. 


Enlightenment is the threshold through which one passes in order to attain Christ-Consciousness.  Enlightenment is the threshold to the realm of Christ-Consciousness.  When one passes through the doorway of Enlightenment, one is Awakened to this higher state of consciousness.


Enlightenment is an awakening, while Christ-Consciousness is a way of being, or a state of being.  This is why Jesus said, “I am the way…”  The Christ Presence Within is the way to God.  Having Christ-Consciousness means being on a continual path to God, in the sense of already being there, even while we’re on the way. 


In order to maintain Christ-Consciousness as a permanent state of being, I was told that one has to pass four tests. 


Well, first, as I was walking the next morning, I stated that I wanted to be of service to others, putting others before service to myself.  This means serving what is in their highest good, not serving their ego selves.  When I made that declaration, I was told that I had just passed the first test. 


“How many tests are there?” I asked.  “Four,” I was told.  Gradually, the four tests were revealed to me, slowly enough to give me time to absorb the meaning of each one. 


The Four Tests for Attaining Christ-Consciousness:


(1)  Hold the pure intention of service to others before service to self.  This service is intended for the highest good of all, rather than service to the ego self.

(2)  Let go of all that is not God; hold continually onto love alone.

(3)  Refuse to idolize one’s self or even one’s Self.  This idolization derails some enlightened ones as we all find ourselves strongly tempted to focus on our own attainments.  We must worship our Divine Source alone.  We must appreciate and love all life which emanates from God, but we must worship God alone.

(4)  Life is a game of illusion; the hard work of compassion alone evens the score. 


I’m not clear about the wording or the meaning of this fourth test; all I understand is that compassion is the emphasis of the Christ-Conscious life.  And bringing compassion into the world can be hard work, especially since so many people are bound up by the illusions of the ego and of the material world.  If Maya as illusion reduces life to a game, I guess the only way to ‘win’ is to live a life of compassion.  And fortunately, compassion makes other people winners; hence, it evens the score for others, not just for ourselves.  Perhaps compassion is the very means by which we can escape the illusion itself. 

 May love bless you and illumine your Way.  


About selfrealizationtherapy

I am a healer, life coach, author, and spiritual teacher. While I am ordained in the Christian tradition, I have also studied Eastern spiritual disciplines and practices, including Raja Yoga Meditation; Intuitive Coaching; Reiki; Falun Gong; and other forms of energy healing for both people and animals. I am available for distance healing and spiritual coaching via phone, Skype, WhatsApp, or Facetime; please email me at: to schedule a session. My goal is to assist you in connecting with your Higher Self to find fulfillment, peace, health, and happiness in life. I typically work with people for about six weeks, and then they either take classes with me and advance more, or simply go their happy way. While I cannot guarantee results, many clients find that in a few short weeks, more is accomplished than could be with years of traditional talk therapy. Born on the equator in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, I grew up moving back-and-forth between Africa and the United States my whole childhood and youth. We lived in three different countries in Africa, and three different states in the USA. I now live in Maryland, close to Washington, DC. I was widowed at the age of 28 when my 34-year-old husband died suddenly of a cerebral aneurysm that hemorrhaged, leaving me with an infant and a toddler. This crisis led me to believe that God loves us even when "bad" things happen, and also led me to pursue spirituality and become a minister. In 1996, thanks to "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda, and a meditation class called Raja Yoga, I started on an Eastern spiritual path, a journey which included becoming a healer and a mystic. On Thursday, May 27, 2010, I experienced what I call an Enlightenment Vision, in which I ascended and was blessed by Ascended Masters of many faiths: Master Lao Tzu, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha, Paramahansa Yogananda, High Priest Melchizedek, Lady Kwan Yin, Master Usui, and then by the Seven Archangels of the Seven Rays. After this vision, the teachings in Higher Consciousness began. Apparently, my crown chakra was opened, and direct contact with the Ascended Masters has been possible ever since. My message to everyone is: this is possible for you to achieve as well, although getting there is not necessarily quick or easy. With a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, a Master of Public Health degree from the University of Texas Health Center at Houston, and a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology from Texas Christian University, I perceive a unity in my readings in Eastern religions and in Biblical studies. As a result, I believe the original message of Jesus Christ was and is a call to Self-Realization, which may also be called following The Way (a term used in the book of Acts by very early "Christians," although they did not call themselves "Christians;" they called themselves Followers of the Way. The Way, or the Tao consists of the practice of peace and love in every moment, honoring the Divine Presence within ourselves as well as within others. The Way of early Christianity was a spiritual practice which similarly focused not on the material world, but on the practice of Divine Presence within the earthly realm. When we practice The Way, or The Tao, we become one with Divine Peace, Love, and even bliss. When we attain this, we experience the "Kingdom of God" or Reign of God, within ourselves, Nirvana or possibly Samadhi. Achieving this Way within each of ourselves is the only way we will be able to usher in the Reign of Divine presence among us all here on earth. The ultimate goal of The Way, and of Self-Realization, is the attainment of unity with the Divine Consciousness, or Buddha-Consciousness or Christ-Consciousness, within, and beyond our normal mortal mind. This Unity-Consciousness is eternal, but begins in the here and now. May it be so.
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